One hundred and thirty five

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Days, that is.

Since my last super-long wedding post a bunch of stuff has changed. I should not be left in charge of such important choices, I'm so fickle I can never make up my mind. I seriously have no idea how some people can plan weddings so effortlessly. As some may remember from this post we had our colors set to be blues and purples since the blue was going to match Alex's tie.

Well. There was a problem with that. The light blue didn't match. It looked AWFUL. And the purple didn't match the blue. It was a total disaster.

So we brought his tie with us to Men's Warehouse and picked a vest color that matched. So now he's going with a dark navy vest that blends with the tie's colors fairly well. Afterwards we went to David's Bridal to find colors that would work with it and I found that Apple Red was really vibrant and bright while still not over-powering the dark blue. And! It matched with Alex's tie. After fiddling around I really liked gold as an accent color (especially since my dress is a champagne/ivory and that is basically a soft gold color) since that would tie my dress to the other two main colors.

It was a very busy experience. But at least now we have pretty colors and that's one less thing to stress over.

Flowers. To make things easier we're going to use that palate for the flowers, too. Have varying shades of blue and red/dark pink along with off-white for flowers or other decorations in the church and the reception hall. I looked around on the internet for bouquet arrangements and found an idea that I've become really attached to. I really love the look of this bouquet in general --

It's very simple: white roses, freesia and stephanotis, and blue hydrangeas. We can alternate some of the flower colors but according to Google all these flowers are fairly common year around and have a lot of different colors. So it shouldn't be too hard to make smaller bouquets or bouts out of these flowers either.

Church. I have a good ideas for decorating the church. I want to keep it relatively simple since it's such a large area to decorate. I really like the idea of having some bows or floral decorations on the pews like this --

I really wanted to have my wedding at the smaller chapel but due to Sharon inviting 100+ people (she for some reason thought a large chunk of them would decline the invite, ha.) and my own people that are coming there's no way we will be able to fit everyone. Which really stinks because I wanted to have my wedding in that small chapel. But instead we are moving to the larger sanctuary. It's still pretty, but it's a lot bigger.

I'm thinking that in the sanctuary we can add some greenery, candles, and some floral arrangements in areas if needed, although I don't think we will need much. We won't be there for more than an hour (including people being seating, the procession, the ceremony, and then leaving for the reception) so there isn't too much of a reason to decorate the crap out of it.

Reception. The idea for the reception has stayed mostly the same. We are pretty set on the 1950s theme. Our reception hall has lots of open space and it can esaily lend itself to the theme we want. It'll be a cinch to get the decorations, I think. An added bonus is that the reception hall has BUNCHES of tables and chairs included with renting the building, so that will save us some money.

I really like the table arrangement in the above picture. How the candles are of differing heights and offset the center pieces, and also the red overlay to the white table cloths. Since we are aiming for 50's theme our wedding planner had the idea of having the tables emulate how diners looked (red tables, black seats). I know both Alex and I are set on the glass milk jars/carafes to put flowers in. I really like this idea of having several jars/jugs with different kinds of flowers


I don't know if we'd want to do all white for the flowers or to add splashes of color. With the red table cloths and checkered floors a lot will be going on already. It'll definitely have a 1950's theme to it, that's for sure!

Food. We are going with Jennie Weller Catering for most of our food. We gave her a general idea of what we wanted and she came back with three different options. Two of them weren't what we were leaning towards but we love this idea!

Hamburger Sliders
With Ketchup, Mustard, and a Pickle

French Fries in Individual Containers

Fish and Chips Served in Newspaper Cones
(Have a newspaper printed with just the bride and groom info)

Onion Rings

Salad Station

Popcorn Station

Root Beer Floats Station
With Attendant
(how about cherry cokes)


We're also set on having cupcakes for dessert versus having the traditional cake. A good friend is fabulous at baking and we are having her make our cupcakes (lemon with cream cheese icing, dark chocolate peanut butter and chocolate icing, milk chocolate with chocolate butter cream icing, and vanilla almond with caramel butter cream icing). I like the idea of using Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books as accents at the dessert table to give it a cute twist. Although I'm not sure how we'd find those books or if anyone would be willing to risk their own personal volumes being tarnished by icing. I want to see about the possibility of a small cake, or even just making a larger tiered cupcake tray and putting the cake topper on the top tier and then doing just cupcakes.

Favors. One of the hardest things for us has been deciding on favors, we keep jumping between different ideas. But I think we have found one that we're *really* attached to. A s'mores kit!

He saw it and thought it was the best thing ever. And it could easily done with little cost for the food items and buying some cute tins in bulk. At worst it would be a weekend project for Alex and myself. But it is something that is very cute that we both like -- and who doesn't like s'mores?! And it's retro-y and cute, it'll go together with our theme. Win!

Extras. Alex has also mentioned a 1950's get-a-way car, which I love. So long as it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I mean, how awesome would it be to drive away from the church/wedding in one of these bad boys --

We're also thinking about doing a sand ceremony so that Kael can be involved in the wedding. Alex isn't entirely sold on the idea, but I definitely want to do something that has Kael be a part of the wedding. It's an important day for him too!

I *think* that's all. For now. Maybe. :-D


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  1. Dorothy
    April 6, 2011 at 3:36 PM

    I love it! I can't wait... it all sounds wonderful. Incidentally, what is a sand ceremony?


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