Baby fever

Posted on | Friday, April 29, 2011 | No Comments

Hannah and her hubby Chris came by today to pick up my bed. And they brought their darling princess Rubey with them! I haven't seen Hannah since her baby shower two months ago and it was so good to see her now. I didn't realize how much I missed her until she knocked on my front door. Work is not the same without her. She was the constantly calming force to my ever-present hyperactivity.

It's amazing seeing a newborn. You forget how tiny babies truly are. Rubey is two months old and yet I feel like she must have been born last week. She feels so fragile and delicate. I can't fathom that my tall strapping young boy was once so small, but I know he must have been.

I loved how she looked at everything. The entire world astonished her. My bright red hair, the patterns on the ceiling, the windows and the view to the outside. It was like she could not take it all in fast enough. I wish I still had that sense of amazement with the world -- that I found everything to be so magical and incredible.

Oh yeah, and I got Rubey cuddles. Bunches and bunches of Rubey cuddles. And I got to talk to her and make all kinds of silly faces, as seen in the above picture. She was captivated by my silliness.

Completely and entirely captivated, I say.

I won't lie, looking into those beautiful blue eyes made me desperately want another child. Another baby, to be specific. There is something about babies, whenever a woman is around them a sudden urge develops to have one of your own. Although I know Kiddo Version 2.0 won't be making their grand entrance for some time it was still a delight to just pretend. To breathe in that special baby smell and rejoice in the feeling of tiny hands touching your skin.

It was so exciting to have a chance to spend some time with these beautiful ladies (and Chris!) before the move. Fantastic, even. We're making plans to see each other again next month and I honestly cannot wait. Good friends like this are hard to come by.



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