Intense Wind + Men in Kilts + Women in Corsets = An interesting Afternoon

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Yesterday Kael and I went to the Medieval Fair along with our neighbor Danielle and her daughter Elizabeth. The Fair is an annual event marked by jesters, corsets, and an excess of expensive leather clothing. I absolutely love it. So does Kael.

This is our third year attending and I still get excited about it. Even though my budget can't possibly afford the $400 leather boots or boned corsets it's still so much fun to just look at everything -- people included.

The only downside is that it seems regardless of the year some inclement weather will strike during the fair. Last year it was a horrible Artic cold front that hit midday and brought the temperature from a balmy 75* to a freezing 38* in less than three hours. This year it was wind. 45 mph wind that blew dust and sand in our faces until we were nearly blinded.

This is Oklahoma though, weather doesn't faze us. Especially not wind.

See? Wind. And totally not fazed.

There were naturally men at this event. In kilts. You can't have a decent medieval fair without them.

And rides. Not those silly electro-powered rides, either!! These are man powered in the most literal sense of the word. How many of you can say you've ridden a man-power swing carousel? That's what I thought.

This picture makes my heart hurt just a little. He looks simultaneously so tiny and so incredibly big. Look at those feet! Those are Big Boy feet. Then I look at his face and he's still my little baby, but not for much longer. *Tear*

Me and Danielle. You can't tell much in this picture but the wind is FIERCE.

By the way, girls in glasses are where it's at.

There was also belly dancing. I love how confident these women were as they performed. Each of them had their own personality and even though they each had a different body type they all were so graceful.

There's something truly astounding about a woman who knows she is beautiful and is not afraid to be confident in herself regardless of her body type or size. Maybe I should look into some belly dancing classes, come to think of it...

Hehe! You have to admit, the idea is a cute one.

I mean come on, who wouldn't want an orphaned dragon!? Danielle bought one for her and Elizabeth to take home. I asked Alex if we could get one too, but we decided that waiting until we are moved into our own house later this year would be wiser. He better hold himself to that promise. I want a pet lizard, goshdarnit.

Kael also rode horsies at the fair. He loves horsies, they are his favorite animals (cows are a close second). He ended up riding them twice, and all by himself! It was a very exciting experience. I took video but sadly due to the wind all you can hear is a roaring whooshing sound.

Pictures are better anyways.

There were also jugglers. These guys were called the Jester Rejects and they were hilarious, Not to mention very talented and good at what they do. None of there helpful audience members were bonked or bashed with a single pin!

We also met a gnome. Albeit a very tall gnome. He must stand out at family reunions.

Oh Kael, you silly boy. He is always smiling at the camera until just before I click the button. Maybe one day we'll get a good picture together.

I am assuming this fine fellow is a Victorian Time Traveler. How else did he end up in the 21st century (which happened to be reinacting the 15th century)?!

Aha -- he was here for the boots! I don't blame him. I'd be here for the boots, too. Everything in this tent was incredible. I lament having such a tiny budget. And no leatherworking skills.

This is Daniel. Daniel Juggles Fire. Don'e believe me? Here's a video :

There were also mermaids at the fair! I think I may have caught one unawares. Whoops.

This guy. This guy was amazing. He was singing a parody of Don McLean's "American Pie". Except it was turned into the ballad of Beowulf. It was epic.

Generally is was an awesome day. Even with the wind and the crowds and the sunburn that is now across both my arms, back, and chest. Kael had an incredible time, and that's really the biggest thing that matters.



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