Ten things

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Normally on Sundays I find ten pictures of different things that I find cute or lovely and I share them along with a short commentary. Today is a bit different, I'm not going to post ten things I love. I'm going to do a gratitude post instead. Life has been very hectic and upsetting this week. Very much at-the-end-of-my-rope-tie-a-knot-and-hang-on kind of week. I'm holding on, and I know it's going to get easier very soon, but it's still been incredibly difficult to focus on that fact.

So today I shall remind myself of at least ten good things I have in my life right now (even if some of them are horribly obvious). No pictures this week, since some of these things don't have pictures to go with them.

1. Movement. Today Kael and I went on a 4.5 mile long walk. We walked to the park and played, then walked further down the road to Starbucks where we bought two huge waters and a doughnut for the little man. I forget sometimes that not everyone would find this amazing, but I certainly do. There are times that walking from the kitchen to my bed is a challenge, what a wonderful thing it is for me to be able to spend four hours outside with my son as we played, even if I am a bit sore and tired now.

2. Rain. We had an incredible storm roll through earlier this week as some of you may remember me blogging about. The much needed rain brought with it lush greens and vibrant colors. Although Oklahoma isn't in a drought like Texas, it still tends to only have a short lived season of greenery and it's so nice to have that back, if only for a little bit.

3. Surrender. That is such a powerful word. To let go of the things I cannot change or control and focus on what is within my ability. I'm so fortunate to have people in my life that remind me of that. I need to let go of the fact that a lot is happening around me and I cannot be in charge of it all, even if I try.

4. Friends. I don't give them enough credit. I truly don't. I have so many people who love me and care for me. Friends far and wide who make me feel connected and grounded and loved. I would be lost without such a backbone of support. I can only hope I am as good of a friend to them as they have been to me.

5. Alex. He is a freaking rockstar. He really, really is. He kicks butt at work and has made it possible for me to stay home with Kael after the move. He's got our house in fabulous shape and snubbed his nose at the rules of physics whilst getting our fridge inside the kitchen (I'll let him exlain that sometime later). He has been amazing at keeping me calm and centered through all of this. Seriously, a freaking rock. star.

6. Kael. He has been pushing me this week. Doing things that he normally wouldn't do (running off the moment I look away, throwing toys, being physically aggressive with anything that moves or breathes). I've caught myself asking, "Where is my little boy? Who is this child?!" But I have forgotten to focus. He still cuddles me in the morning. He kisses my boo-boos after calming down from a tantrum. He is still just a sweet as he ever was, he just needs more from me right now.

7. Coffee. Yes, this naturally made the list. While living in Hungary coffee became integral to daily life. It was almost ritualistic. Piping hot espresso served in a shot glass, a cube of sugar, and a few moments of quite reflection. Sipping my coffee is like a quiet pause in my day to reflect and think. It's lovely that I can have that.

8. Perspective. I complain about my toilet acting up, or that packing my apartment is stressful and taxing... but I should think of these things with perspective. I have a home to pack. I have clean running water. I don't have to wonder where my next meal will be coming from. While my life is difficult, no doubt, having the reminder of how my life could be makes me grateful for everything I do have.

9. Faith. I have been failing at letting go of things. I have to remind myself to lean on God and to be at peace with whatever He has planned for me. I am so grateful to have my faith and sunch a powerful moral compass that guides me. I don't know what kind of person I would be -- or how I would cope -- if it weren't for my ability to give things to God when they become too much. It's such a glorious gift.

10. My life in general. I am so blessed. More than I realize most of the time. My life is amazing and rich and I couldn't be happier. Alright, maybe I could be happier. If I could snap my fingers and have this move over and done with. Or if I could wiggle my nose and have all the stressors of my life melt away. I would probably explode with joy if that happened. But that would be messy.

Thunderbolts and lightning...

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A massive storm has been rolling through Oklahoma for the past twelve hours. Throughout the night the sky lit up with lightning and shook the house thunder. The storm came so close to our house that the force of the thunder caused the walls to shake. Twice lightning struck far too close for comfort -- in the field directly across our street. It sounded like the sky was about to break.

Amazingly Kael slept through the majority of the storm. I swear the boy could sleep through the apocalypse.

Although storms like this are scary to have so close by, they're still magnificent to watch. At least until lightning strikes less than a quarter of mile from where you live. Then it's time to hide in your house while watching the Weather Channel religiously.

I didn't go outside until the worst of the storm had passed, but you can still see the light show happening above my roof. It was definitely a little too close for comfort at times and the sky should not look this bright at one in the morning. But, it was still incredible to watch even if the storm did mess with my sleep schedule.

For some reason lightning never seems as impressive during the day. Not sure why that is.


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I decided to be a little daring and try a new recipe today: ceviche (pronounced suh-VEE-chay)! I've heard of using acid to cook fish, but I never thought to try it myself. It seemed like it would, well, taste weird. I know that technically speaking it's cooked, but I couldn't shake the whole "cooked in acid" thing. It just seemed too strange, and maybe a little bit gross.

And then I remembered -- I've eaten raw fish (octopus included) and a plethora of other strange foods (hello candied grasshoppers, chicken feet, and escargot) didn't even bat an eye. Might as well live a little. Upon searching the internet for a good recipe I found one that seemed simple and had gotten fairly good reviews.

The list of ingredients is easy enough -- raw fish (I had flounder on hand, but red snapper and other fish do just as nicely), lemon juice, onion, diced tomatoes, oregano, tabasco sauce, and a pinch of salt. Other recipes call for different ingredients but I figured simplier would be better for the first go around.


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Yesterday I had a lunch date with the lovely Hannah and her sweet baby girl, Rubey. Last time I saw them both it was only for a short visit at the apartment. Considering that I have not properly seen her in almost three months (I still cannot believe it's been that long, yeesh!) this needed to be rectified. Immediately. Besides, Hannah had a Chili's gift card that was itching to be used. And who doesn't love to eat at Chili's?

Having seen Rubey grow for nine months inside of Hannah's tummy it's amazing to see her as a living breathing little girl. I can't think of a single person who could resist seeing this adorable face. Rubey is such a little princess. It's amazing to think how small babies are and how fascinated they can be, even with the tiniest things. Earlier this week Rubey discovered her hands, now she is enthralled by them.

See? Completely entralled by those tiny little fists. Hannah is such a good mommy. She's truly a natural at motherhood, it made me smile to watch her coo and cuddle her sweet baby. Watching her with Rubey made me miss having a little one of my own, it's been years since Kael was that tiny.

I'm really hoping I can see Hannah and Rubey again before I move, we haven't seen each other nearly enough in the past few months and I miss her like crazy. After being around someone almost daily for a year and a half it's weird not seeing them. I know I have said it before, but Hannah is almost like a mellowed-out version of me. Maybe that's why we are so close, we're polar opposites but at the same time ridiculously similar.

I love these girls so much. They're the best.

Ten things I love Sunday!

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Have any of you ever had one of those weeks were time flies by and even though so many things have happened you still feel like you have nothing to talk about? No? Oh. Well, be glad you don't. It's exhausting.

I have found a surplus of things I love, but yet as I sat down in front of my laptop my brain drew a blank. I'm hoping that this brain fog is because of finals week (which went better than expected, hooray!) and that every waking moment I am doing something. Packing, cleaning, working... No wonder it's so difficult to come up with a list this week! Hopefully it's not boring to anyone!

1. Roasted Kale

This I think is my new favorite food. I was in the mood for some kale chips, but not in the mood for all the oil that would involves. So I racked my brain decided to try and make a healthier version. It turned out magnificently. Add some sauteed onions and minced garlic with a drizzling of champagne vinegar? It's phenomenal. I could eat this Every. Single. Day.

2. Italy

Or even Europe in general. There is something magical about Italy though. This is a picture of Bari, which is located on the heel of Italy. According to the photographer, Daniel Zollinger, often times the houses on these narrow streets have no real doors, "instead a curtain leads directly to the living room, which serves also as a parking lot for the Vespa".

3. Aristocats

This used to be one of my most favorite movies as a child. I love how simple Disney films used to be, the plot was simple and there was always some message that would come across (in this case, don't be a greedy person and help those in need). It makes me so happy that it's become one of Kael's favorite movie too.

4. Tulips

I'm sad that tulip season is almost over, they are my favorite flower. I love this different colors and shades that tulips come in, and how beautiful the flower is. It's simplistically gorgeous and vibrant. I can certainly see why Europe went crazy for this flower centuries back. It's truly lovely.

5. Pogácsa

I miss Hungary a lot. I still have dreams about it. There such a magic to the place, and there are things that are strictly special to Hungary which just adds to that magic. Pogácsa si one of those things. It's a type of savory scone that is extremely popular in Hungary. Every region makes its own version, or more than one variety, therefore they come in all different textures and flavors. So yummy.

6. I Choose You!

I wouldn't change how Alex proposed at all ever (a wonderful lakeside picnic followed by a walk in Shakespeare Garden? It was lovely), but I can't help but find this idea so adorable and geekily romantic. Even though I am not a Pokemon fan it's so sweet. I'm sure some girl was bouncing to the moon when they saw this.

7. Bory-vár, Székesfehérvár

Bory-vár (Bory Castle in English) is Székesfehérvár, Hungary. It's not a real castle in the sense of being a historical building, but more an artistic masterpiece. It was built by Janos Bory who spent every summer for 40 years, starting in the 1940's, building this beautiful castle. While I lived in Hungary we all went to Székesfehérvár for Mikulás and visited Bory-vár. It's truly impressive and beautiful.

8. Smiley Face Pancakes

Or, at least I think this a pancake griddle. Those look like pancakes, right? Even if it isn't a griddle, how cool is that idea? Smiley faced silver dollar pancakes for breakfast, maybe with a side of fruit compote or pure maple syrup... It would make just about everyone's morning!

9. Ice Cream Heels

I don't know what I would ever wear these heels with, but I so desperately want them. They look so fun and happy. I mean, they're high heels with ice cream cones painted on. It's like the perfect summer shoe. I would purposefully wear skirts and dresses daily just to show these guys off.

10. Elephant Truffles

Everyone here knows I love elephants. I adore elephants. And I also adore anything deliciously sweet. And anything cute. So you can only imagine how loudly I squealed when I saw this picture. And guess what? I found their website. They have a delivery service. Diet, you may very well meet your untimely end.

You say goodbye, I say hello

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We don't always realize how many people care about us until it's we say goodbye to them. I have lived in Oklahoma for over four years and in that time I've made wonderful friends and rekindled relationships with some people that I was lucky enough to know since I was a small child. I don't see many of these people often (as is often the case, sadly) but that doesn't make them any less important.

Even though this move is the best thing for me (in both literal and metaphorical sense) there is still a saddness to all the well wishes and goodbyes. It could easily be years before I see some of these people again. I know that I will see a few of them again at my wedding, but after that who knows.

The hardest person to say goodbye to is Katy. She's my sister and my best friend, and neither of us seem ready to accept that very soon we will be states apart. It's hard to think that we will be limited to facebook chats, Skype, and phone calls. While it's better than nothing it certainly is not the same.

Mom and I have made plans for a weekly Skype date (moreso for Kael's benefit than ours). Perhaps Katy and I can plan a monthly date night (cook the same meal and watch a movie together, maybe) too.

As sad as the goodbyes were it was wonderful to see so many people together at once again. I'm so glad that such a large number was able to make it. Thank you to everyone who came and gave me hugs and wishes of good luck.

Breathe easy

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I had meant to post this yesterday but Blogger was acting up. Silly, silly Blogger.

On Thursday I took Kael to the Oklahoma Asthma and Allergy Clinic for a follow-up appointment. Many of you will remember the hospital visit in December and the subsequent diagnosis of allergy induced asthma. We discovered that my darling boy is quite literally allergic to almost the entire planet including but not limited to: cats, dogs, grass, trees, dust, pollen, smoke, and various bugs.

He was immediately put on a cocktail of inhalers, allergy medications, and nose sprays to be taken daily as a means to control his symptoms. We also began monitoring any asthma flare-ups and taking note of what caused them to act up. Kael's taken well to this new regimen, he is in charge of his daily breathing treatments and helps me to get his Zyrtec and Singulair every morning.

Dr. Karen was excited to hear that Kael took so well to his medications and she spent the morning discussing with us Kael's progress and how his medications have helped. Kael and I love Dr. Karen. She's so happy and loving, it makes the visit go 10000x easier. I wish more doctors were like her.

We reviewed Kael's asthma and allergies and we were elated that he's gotten so much better. His previous spirometry test showed that he was having a lot of difficultly. But now? He's breathing like a champ! It's amazing how much Kael's quality of life has improved since January. His coughing fits are few and far between and his perpetual runny nose is finally getting under control. He's running more, and jumping more, and doing all those awesome boy things he wasn't able to do as much before.

Dr. Karen was elated by this news. So were we. This is our "We are elated!" cell phone picture. Because everyone squishes up their face when they get such fabulous news.

We got even more great news before leaving the clinic -- Kael's medication is being backed down to only one inhaler and his two allergy medications daily. In another four months we will need to have him reviewed again to see if he can have his allergy medication become an as needed treatment and also discuss beginning allergy shots as a more long-term treatment. Dr. Karen thinks that being away from such a windy environment will help Kael, too. We're keeping our fingers crossed!


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Let me start this off by saying I read a lot of blogs. Blogs written by Moms, cooks, photographers, activists, and everything that falls between. I read about re-decorating kitchens and taking sporadic vacations to Italy. About God and family and the value of hard work. I love the window that a blog gives, it's a tiny slice of a person's life laid out for the world to see and learn from.

There is one blog I occasionally read by an incredible woman named Kim. She doesn't post very often, but when she does it's always with grace and purpose. She is the kind of person I want to be in many ways. She's smart, crafty, and an increeeeedible photographer. She loves her three boys and she loves God.

Kim also has a way with words. And today I want to share some of those with you. They are not mine in any way, but I hope that some of you benefit from them as much as I have. Enjoy.

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite days. I love celebrating my amazing mom (she rocks) and reflecting on what my life is as a mother, a title I am humbled to hold. While many people have children, motherhood is much more than bearing kids.

This Mother’s Day finds me awaiting 2 new lives into our family. One through adoption and one through birth. Both should be here in less 6 months. I don’t know what a family of 5 kids, 1 dog and 13 chickens looks like but I am heavily aware what chaos looks like. I can only assume it is similar.

In our current chaos motherhood seems like never ending discipline, diapers, pasta and cherrios; unmatching socks and piles of laundry; a fit of “nos” and “I don’t wannas”; nap times, toy story 3 and curious george. Somedays my job description is anything but glorious. But there is also those times of bliss and Justin Beiber melodies that make me forget how many poopy diapers I’ve changed and instead want to be no where else. It’s the kisses and hugs, the “thank you so very much for saving me” speeches, the belly laughs and tickle fights, the fighting over who gets to sit with mama, the baby feet and holding hands. Motherhood is conflicting.

And I’ve been conflicted. Last week was bad. And by bad I mean colds, migraines, pregnancy symptoms on top of a laundry list of work I “have” to be doing. I’ve had chronic migraine for 10 years, but have only thrown up during a migraine three times, twice being this week alone. Mike has worked God-knows-how-many hours, all I know I saw him Monday and Friday evening and unfortunately Friday was my migraine-puke-fest and not the romantic night I had anticipated.

It’s easy to throw a Sue Sylvester pity party and OD on gummy vitamins after the 2nd meal of the day the boys refuse to eat (yet asked for), you can’t hold anything down and you have 700 pictures to edit, a book to finish and more adoption paperwork that you even want to admit is left.

If your children are what keeps you going, you will run out of gas fast.

Children make crappy gods.

And if your plugging in to anything than the Life giving Blood of Christ, you will burn out, unfulfilled and disappointed. Children are a joy and motherhood is a blessing (poopy diapers, fits and all) but motherhood cannot fulfill you the way Jesus can. And serving the Lord through motherhood can make even the most chaotic households full of joy (I speak through experience on that one).

So let me worship the Lord through loving the children He’s given me. Not because they are my idols but because they are my blessings. Let me sing Him praise for their unceasing energy and lack of “mute” button. Let me encourage their imaginative play even when that means my tongs are used to fight evil. I ask for wisdom in how to guide these boys in becoming Godly men. But most importantly, certainly centrally, I pray that I can keep my eyes on Jesus, something that I forgot this week, and let my children be children and God be God without confusing the two, and through the power of Jesus be the mother He designed me to be.

Ten things I love Sunday!

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It's so wonderful to have one of my Ten Things I Love Sunday posts happen on Mother's Day. It's such a wonderful day, even if I don't necessarily get a break (a certain little boy is feeling sickly and is also been a mess-maker extraordinaire since this morning). Being a mom is almost like being in a not-so-secret club where once a year everyone gets breakfast in bed or something similar. If you are in it for that one day a year you've got the career.

Anyways, the ten things!

1. 100,000 Toothpicks

Scott Weaver has spent 35 years on this insanely complex kinetic sculpture created entire of toothpicks. The sculpture titled Rolling through the Bay continues to be expanded on, even today. The elaborate sculpture is comprised of multiple “tours” that move pingpong balls through neighborhoods, historical locations, and iconic symbols of San Francisco, all recreated with a little glue, some toothpicks, and an incredible amount of ingenuity.

2. St. Malo's Church

In 2009 I went on vacation to Colordao. We were driving around Allenspark (about 40 minutes from Colorado Springs) and stumbled upon this amazing church. It looks too perfect to be real, this picture doesn't even do it justice. It had been snowing when we arrived and it only added to it's beauty. I spent some time praying inside and I can say with absolute honesty it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.

3. I Choose You!

The nerd in me is so gleefully jubliant about this. I know I completely and entirely lack the dexterity to do this, but still! It's so geeky, so awesome, and so incredibly fun. I love things like this. It makes me lament having those awesome nail painting skills.

4. Ice Cream

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand. And guess what this machine can do?! Whether you prefer ice cream, yogurt, sherbet, or sorbet, you can make 1 ½ quarts in 20 minutes! Think of the possibilities! There's even a pull-down lever for dispensing and a holder for your ice cream cones. Oh,Cuisinart’s Mix It In Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker, one day you will be mine.

5. Derby Hats

Now I don't actually watch the Kentucky Derby (just as I didn't get up at two or three in the morning to see a British couple wed), but there is something I do look forward to -- the hats. The amazing over-the-top, beautiful (and sometimes bizarre) hats. I'm a hat person. Although my head for some reason looks awful in most, I can't help but like them. If left to my own devices I might own several Derby-worthy designs as well.

6. Umbrellas

This picture is combining two things that I love: the color yellow and random cute things. Because honestly, this umbrella is wonderfully cute. It has ears for crying out loud! And who wouldn't want something so bright and happy during a rainy overcast day? Toss in some cut galoshes and you are set to take over the world with happiness.

7. Clafouti

This is so high on the foods I want to learn to cook/bake, you don't even know. Clafouti (pronounced kla-foo-TEE) is a divinely scrumptious food brought to us from where else? France! It'straditionally it was made with the first sweet cherries of the season, although I've seen pears and strawberries used as well. A clafoutis is a pudding of sorts, with the fruit covered by a thin pancake-like batter and baked in a hot oven until the batter has set. The best thing though? This dessert can pass for breakfast. Sold!

8. Puppies
I have nothing intelligent to add to this picture. It's puppies. In baby clothes. Hanging adorably on a laundry line. There is too much cute in this picture to find anything witty to say. Go ahead, you try to find something witty after looking at this picture.

9. Anita

When I was a little girl I wanted to be just like Anita -- bookish, beautiful, and rocking a senisble heel. She was so smart and loving, but still held fast to her beliefs (at least when it came to Pongo and Perdita) even when Cruella was breathing down her neck. I think I turned out pretty good, don't you? And I didn't even have to fall into a pond to fall in love with Alex.

10. Motherhood

This week's list would not be complete without this. I love being a mother, even when it's frustrating (and believe me, plenty of moments are). It's more rewarding that anything else has been during the entirety of my life. Being a mother has made a me a more patient, understanding, and gentle person. I have no idea where I would be now without Kael. I love that little boy so much.

Pizza party!

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Today Mom, Dusty, Kael and myself all drove to Stillwater (about an hour and half from where we live) to meet with some family and have a going away/Mother's Day party at Hideaway Pizza. For those not in the know Hideaway Pizza is pretty darn yummy when it comes to pizza, although Dusty may beg to differ on that statement. He is more of a pizza connoisseur than I am.

Our get-together was the first time Kael and I have been able to see my Aunt Jalene, Uncle Richard and my cousin's family in over three years! It was so strange to see their kiddos who were in diapers (well, at least one of them was) now talking and acting so big. One of their boys is twenty-one now!! Time certainly flies by.

Cinco de Mayo!

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I've discovered over the past quarter-century that most of the denizens of this country believe today is Mexico's independence day. In fact, it's September 16th (which so happens to also be my birthday, rather clever considering I am a quarter Hispanic). But! Cinco de Mayo does commemorate and important day -- it's the celebration of the victory of the Mexican army over invading French forces at the Battle of Puebla.

So today here are four fun and historical facts everyone should know about their favorite Mexican-inspired holiday. Enjoy!

1.) Cinco De Mayo Commemorates A Victory Over France
Mexico owed money to a number of European countries. However, in 1861 they stopped paying which obviously did not bode well. France, whose army hadn’t been defeated in 50 years, elected to force them to pay and while they were there decided taking over the country would be a grand idea. The French forces were larger, better equipped and better trained. However, on May 5, 1862, near the city of Puebla Mexicans armed with pitchforks and limited weaponry won The Battle of Puebla. Although the French ultimately won, Cinco de Mayo still commemorates that brave and unlikely battle.

2.) Cinco De Mayo Isn’t Mexico's Independence Day
The Mexican Independence Day, or “Grito de Dolores” ("Cry of Dolores"), is celebrated on September 16th, and honors Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest from the town of Dolores who declared war against the Spaniards in 1810. He ordered his church’s bells be rung and preached revolt on the steps in front. Spain didn’t recognize their independence until 1821, after nearly a decade of war. Mexicans celebrate this day with parades, ringing church bells and fiestas.

3.) Cinco De Mayo Is Celebrated In The U.S. On A Wider Scale Than In Mexico
Cinco de Mayo is not a federal holiday in Mexico. It’s more of a regional holiday that’s celebrated primarily in and around Puebla. It first gained popularity in the U.S. during the 1950s and 1960s, due in part to the Good Neighbor policy, a U.S. government effort implemented at the time to reach out to neighboring countries. Mexican-Americans embraced the holiday as their own day to celebrate their heritage.

4.) Chandler, Arizona Celebrates Cinco De Mayo With Chihuahua Racing
Since the Mexican army stampeded a huge pack of chihuahuas in front of them when attacking the French, Chandler remembers the battle with chihuahua racing. Just kidding. The chihuahuas had nothing to do with the battle, but the races happen anyway.

"You don't have to brush your teeth - just the ones you want to keep."

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Let me start of this blog post by saying that Kael in no way likes to have his head touched. This includes his face, ears, mouth, and neck. The boy just doesn't dig it. Usually we can bypass this -- brush his teeth while watching a movie, make it a game to wash his hair, heavily sedate him for his haircuts. Okay, maybe not that last one.

Last week, however, Kael and I went to the dentist. It was time for his annual check up. I won't lie, I was dreading it. The last time we went Kael bit one of the hygienists and screamed like he was being murdered. We barely got a glimpse of his teeth.

Ten things I love Sunday!

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This week has been marked by the accumulation of boxes, packing, and ridding myself of various un-needed furniture. Preparing to move cross-country feels so much easier knowing that I have gotten so much done already. I still have plenty to do, no doubt, but I feel completely confident that I can finish it all within my previously set deadline. Exciting!

This week I've also made some big personal changes. I've cut out gluten, dairy, and refined sugars from my diet. The first few days were a bit rough but now that I have gievn myself time to adjust to the changes I feel great. Of course one week isn't enough to know for sure if I'm just having a low flare week or if it's the food, but hopefully this tend of feeling good will continue.

Right, onto the ten things that I love this week. Enjoy!

1. Fingerprint Art

This is such a nifty and clever idea. I adore it. Using such a simple and basic medium to make something so unique. Fingerprints are something that each of us has, but they are all special. No one person has the same set of prints, maybe that's why I love this so much.

2. Pillows

I love maps. Old maps, new maps, even pillow maps! There's something about these that has me itching to buy them. I don't even know where to buy them, but ooooh how I want them!!

3. Elephants

Most of you know why elephants (and superglue) are so important to Alex and myself. For those who are late to the party read this blog post to catch up. Anyways, look at this baby elephant, or if I am trying to be zoologically correct a calf. Either way, aren't they the most adorable thing ever! Baby elephants = love.

4. Tangled

I love this movie. No really, I love it. I love Rapunzecvd l and her way of making the world so bright and wonderful. I love Eugene's swash buckling and chivalry. I love the bad guy song (it's SO good). I love it all. this has to be hands-down my most favorite Disney movie in at least fifteen years.

5. Awesome Plates

Is it bad that I would use this as often as Kael would? I love the design. I love that it's made of steel and ergo is breakable and won't pick up in funky colors or flavors like plastic plates do. Let's not forget -- it's a school bus. How cool is that?!

6. Nerdy Sleepovers

I don't even know where to start witht his. It's such a fantastic idea. Camping inside a library, in tents! It's too incredible not to love. I want to have a house with a library like this just so I can be the coolest Mom ever and do this for my kids. Oh, who am I joking? I would be inviting my girlfriends over and do it for me too!

7. Norway

This is Ålesund, Norway. It is perfect and gorgeous in every single way and I am now adding it to my bucket list of places and things I must do (preferably in the near future). Now the big question is -- who is coming with me?

8. Swing

I've recently developed a thing for necklaces. Previously I wasn't very big on jewelry, I'm still not really. But recently I've started to be fascinated by necklaces. They are the perfect accessory for me. As I have perused the internet I keep finding more and more necklaces I love. Like this one. It would be so perfect to wear on a warm summer day, maybe with the pretty yellow sundress I have.

9. Tape

I'm not entirely sure how useful or efficient this tape truly is (or what I would even use it for), but it's still so gosh-darn cute. And oh how I love cute things. I'm sure I could find a use for this. Envelope stickets, for instance.

10. Roller Coasters

I love summer because that means it's the season for face-paced rides and heart-pounding fun. When I was younger I wasn't that big on roller coasters. I was a 'fraidy cat. But when I finally steeled myself and went for it I was instantly hooked. I love it!

Baby fever

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Hannah and her hubby Chris came by today to pick up my bed. And they brought their darling princess Rubey with them! I haven't seen Hannah since her baby shower two months ago and it was so good to see her now. I didn't realize how much I missed her until she knocked on my front door. Work is not the same without her. She was the constantly calming force to my ever-present hyperactivity.

It's amazing seeing a newborn. You forget how tiny babies truly are. Rubey is two months old and yet I feel like she must have been born last week. She feels so fragile and delicate. I can't fathom that my tall strapping young boy was once so small, but I know he must have been.


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I know most of the people who read this already are already aware -- but Tuscaloosa, AL and the surrounding area was hit by a devastating tornado this evening. Fatalities are being reported and there are areas that, from the pictures, looks to be completely destroyed. The video below gives a good idea of how severe the tornado was:

Untitled from Crimson Tide Productions on Vimeo.

I'm waiting to hear back from friends and praying that no one else is hurt by these storms. Please pray and keep them all in your thoughts.

Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

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Earlier this spring I was given some very disheartening news. My step-Dad was informed that the vacation time he had wanted for my wedding had been cancelled. In fact, all vacation time for the summer months has been cancelled for all employees. The construction company he works for had bid on several very expensive contracts, the result being a great deal of work for the crew. They needed everyone on board. Which means no one gets time off.

I'm not going to lie, I cried the first night after I found out. And then I got angry. I'm still a little angry, to be honest. I know it's in no way my Dad's fault, and I know that there is still a slim chance that he can make it to the wedding (Since it's on a Saturday he may end up working his maximum hours during the week and get the day off, or they may get rained out, or they may not need him that day). We won't know until a few days prior to the wedding, though. Which is frustrating at best.

I want my Dad there. I want him to be part of my wedding. After I move it's not going to be as easy to see either of my parents and I know that this is extremely important to both of them, and to me.

So I began to think of ways to have him still involved. A videographer, obviously. Skype, possibly. If he is not working I'm thinking using a cell phone on speaker so that he can hear the ceremony and verbally give me away (heck, I may even carry the phone with me down the aisle come to think of it). But I still wanted something. Something I could have with me that was special from him so that even if none of those things happen he is there there with me. A trinket or a necklace, something special.

I told him about my idea and he liked it.

And last Sunday he gave me a tiny box and said, "If I'm at your wedding or not I want you to wear this."

Marvin. I wanted to cry when I saw it. It's absolutely perfect. See, my Dad has a secret talent. He can do a spot-on imitation of Marvin the Martian. And I mean Spot. On.

When I was first starting to get to know him it was one of those things that would make me smile, even when I was in a hellacious I'm-thirteen-and-the-world-sucks kind of mood. We both love Marvin, and whenever I see a cartoon with the little fella in it I think of my Dad. The two are connected in my head now.

Like I said, it's perfect. He said that I didn't have to wear it where it will show, but truthfully I want to have it visible. I want to be able to see Marvin, because then I know my Dad is there in his heart, even if his body is stuck in Oklahoma.

I know you don't read this, but I love you Dad.

Ten things I love Sunday!

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I almost forgot to do this again! Better late than never, right? Apologies if it looks a little sloppy, I am chasing around a very hyper four-year-old whilst combating a weather-induced flare up. At least I have a nice mug of roobios tea to keep me company and my list of ten wonderful things.


1. He Has Risen!

No matter what, this will always be something that I love. Love isn't even the right word. Gratitude? Humility? Reverence? I have such a strong and unspeakable surge of emotion when I think of the sacrifice Christ made for us. For sinners who are so undeserving. How great a love He has that He would give His life for my soul. My tarnished, small, insignificant soul. I love you, Lord. And I love today.

2. Books

I love books. But especially I love old books. Books that people wrote notes int he margins about, ones that were published a hundred years back and have that fragile feel to them. You want to be delicate with them, because books don't always live that long, especially now with the worlds library available online and elsewhere.

3. Toasters

This super awesome do-dad is from Think Geek. How awesome would it be for your own toast to say "bite me" on it? Pretty awesome, I say. Let's not forget that the toaster itself is pretty darn cute, even without the pop art designs.

4. Fondue

Fondue is awesome. Dunking pieces of food in other melted food with sticks -- genious! But I particularly love this idea. Adding in sprinkles and other delectables just makes it so much more fun. I would totally throw a fondue party just to use the colorful sprinkles. I'm actually making myself hungry looking at this picture...

5. Bicycles

Okay, so it may not be the most FUNCTIONAL bike out there, but this idea is so neat. I would love to have an "Alisha" bike in bright teal (unless I decide to name my bikes like I name everything else, then there might be a problem...). I can't wait until these guys finish their prototypes, because I would totally be buying one.

6. Bookshelves

It's a tree! It's a bookshelf! No, it's both! True, you can't hold as much on one of these tree but the idea is still so cute. I could see us having one for Kael's bedroom to stack all of his Dr. Seuss books. And, maybe one for the living room too.

7. The People In Books

I wish I had thought of this! The idea is a collection of characters from famous books (check it -- GRYFFINDOR!) who strive to stay in the real world. Photos of different fairy tale characters getting sucked into their respective titles. The series itself is called “Get Back In Your Book” is a series of photos done by Lissy Laricchia.

8. Starfleet

I wish I knew who had designed these shoes. The geek in me is having a complete fit about them. They're Starfleet Academy heels!!! Although I am a little bit concerned about them being red. Red is not a good color for Starfleet. Maybe I can swap them out for Pavel yellow or McCoy blue...

9. Bounce House

I have no words for this other that it is awesome. And that I am wondering how they hang pictures on the wall.

10. Spoons

Why are all the cute things on the internet?? I love this idea so much. And I love that the spoons are different sizes and from completely different sets. It's the same way with people; two completely different sets come together and they share their lives with each other. Ice cream included.


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