Ten things I love Sunday!

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This week has been marked by the accumulation of boxes, packing, and ridding myself of various un-needed furniture. Preparing to move cross-country feels so much easier knowing that I have gotten so much done already. I still have plenty to do, no doubt, but I feel completely confident that I can finish it all within my previously set deadline. Exciting!

This week I've also made some big personal changes. I've cut out gluten, dairy, and refined sugars from my diet. The first few days were a bit rough but now that I have gievn myself time to adjust to the changes I feel great. Of course one week isn't enough to know for sure if I'm just having a low flare week or if it's the food, but hopefully this tend of feeling good will continue.

Right, onto the ten things that I love this week. Enjoy!

1. Fingerprint Art

This is such a nifty and clever idea. I adore it. Using such a simple and basic medium to make something so unique. Fingerprints are something that each of us has, but they are all special. No one person has the same set of prints, maybe that's why I love this so much.

2. Pillows

I love maps. Old maps, new maps, even pillow maps! There's something about these that has me itching to buy them. I don't even know where to buy them, but ooooh how I want them!!

3. Elephants

Most of you know why elephants (and superglue) are so important to Alex and myself. For those who are late to the party read this blog post to catch up. Anyways, look at this baby elephant, or if I am trying to be zoologically correct a calf. Either way, aren't they the most adorable thing ever! Baby elephants = love.

4. Tangled

I love this movie. No really, I love it. I love Rapunzecvd l and her way of making the world so bright and wonderful. I love Eugene's swash buckling and chivalry. I love the bad guy song (it's SO good). I love it all. this has to be hands-down my most favorite Disney movie in at least fifteen years.

5. Awesome Plates

Is it bad that I would use this as often as Kael would? I love the design. I love that it's made of steel and ergo is breakable and won't pick up in funky colors or flavors like plastic plates do. Let's not forget -- it's a school bus. How cool is that?!

6. Nerdy Sleepovers

I don't even know where to start witht his. It's such a fantastic idea. Camping inside a library, in tents! It's too incredible not to love. I want to have a house with a library like this just so I can be the coolest Mom ever and do this for my kids. Oh, who am I joking? I would be inviting my girlfriends over and do it for me too!

7. Norway

This is Ålesund, Norway. It is perfect and gorgeous in every single way and I am now adding it to my bucket list of places and things I must do (preferably in the near future). Now the big question is -- who is coming with me?

8. Swing

I've recently developed a thing for necklaces. Previously I wasn't very big on jewelry, I'm still not really. But recently I've started to be fascinated by necklaces. They are the perfect accessory for me. As I have perused the internet I keep finding more and more necklaces I love. Like this one. It would be so perfect to wear on a warm summer day, maybe with the pretty yellow sundress I have.

9. Tape

I'm not entirely sure how useful or efficient this tape truly is (or what I would even use it for), but it's still so gosh-darn cute. And oh how I love cute things. I'm sure I could find a use for this. Envelope stickets, for instance.

10. Roller Coasters

I love summer because that means it's the season for face-paced rides and heart-pounding fun. When I was younger I wasn't that big on roller coasters. I was a 'fraidy cat. But when I finally steeled myself and went for it I was instantly hooked. I love it!



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