Pizza party!

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Today Mom, Dusty, Kael and myself all drove to Stillwater (about an hour and half from where we live) to meet with some family and have a going away/Mother's Day party at Hideaway Pizza. For those not in the know Hideaway Pizza is pretty darn yummy when it comes to pizza, although Dusty may beg to differ on that statement. He is more of a pizza connoisseur than I am.

Our get-together was the first time Kael and I have been able to see my Aunt Jalene, Uncle Richard and my cousin's family in over three years! It was so strange to see their kiddos who were in diapers (well, at least one of them was) now talking and acting so big. One of their boys is twenty-one now!! Time certainly flies by.

Kael was so excited about going to the party. During the drive he kept saying he was going to a birthday party to have cake. We let him help unwrap our gifts and open our cards. He was very industrious, if I do say so myself --see his lightening fast hand there?

Aw!!! I love these figurines. I'd say that I collect them almost, although I only have a few. That still counts as a collection, right? Isn't this one too perfect? It's from Kael (with the help of Grandma). It definitely reminds me of another little boy I know.

This one is from Mom and Dusty. It's so precious. That's something I love about these figurines, often enough they remind me of those moments in my life I value the most. Family -- most specifically motherhood -- is joy in it's purest form I think.

I might also add that we had plenty of delicious food. Between the ten of us there were four pizzas split (hooray for left overs!). Although Kael was more interested in playing with his turkey sandwich than eating it. Oh, well.

Uncle Richard, Aunt Jalene, and Cousin Richard James' family were all reading out for ice cream after lunch but we were all stuffed from pizza still. Except for Kael, that boy always has room for ice cream. Or cake. Or both. Silly boy.

Oh, what would I do without you.



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