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Yesterday I had a lunch date with the lovely Hannah and her sweet baby girl, Rubey. Last time I saw them both it was only for a short visit at the apartment. Considering that I have not properly seen her in almost three months (I still cannot believe it's been that long, yeesh!) this needed to be rectified. Immediately. Besides, Hannah had a Chili's gift card that was itching to be used. And who doesn't love to eat at Chili's?

Having seen Rubey grow for nine months inside of Hannah's tummy it's amazing to see her as a living breathing little girl. I can't think of a single person who could resist seeing this adorable face. Rubey is such a little princess. It's amazing to think how small babies are and how fascinated they can be, even with the tiniest things. Earlier this week Rubey discovered her hands, now she is enthralled by them.

See? Completely entralled by those tiny little fists. Hannah is such a good mommy. She's truly a natural at motherhood, it made me smile to watch her coo and cuddle her sweet baby. Watching her with Rubey made me miss having a little one of my own, it's been years since Kael was that tiny.

I'm really hoping I can see Hannah and Rubey again before I move, we haven't seen each other nearly enough in the past few months and I miss her like crazy. After being around someone almost daily for a year and a half it's weird not seeing them. I know I have said it before, but Hannah is almost like a mellowed-out version of me. Maybe that's why we are so close, we're polar opposites but at the same time ridiculously similar.

I love these girls so much. They're the best.



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