Breathe easy

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I had meant to post this yesterday but Blogger was acting up. Silly, silly Blogger.

On Thursday I took Kael to the Oklahoma Asthma and Allergy Clinic for a follow-up appointment. Many of you will remember the hospital visit in December and the subsequent diagnosis of allergy induced asthma. We discovered that my darling boy is quite literally allergic to almost the entire planet including but not limited to: cats, dogs, grass, trees, dust, pollen, smoke, and various bugs.

He was immediately put on a cocktail of inhalers, allergy medications, and nose sprays to be taken daily as a means to control his symptoms. We also began monitoring any asthma flare-ups and taking note of what caused them to act up. Kael's taken well to this new regimen, he is in charge of his daily breathing treatments and helps me to get his Zyrtec and Singulair every morning.

Dr. Karen was excited to hear that Kael took so well to his medications and she spent the morning discussing with us Kael's progress and how his medications have helped. Kael and I love Dr. Karen. She's so happy and loving, it makes the visit go 10000x easier. I wish more doctors were like her.

We reviewed Kael's asthma and allergies and we were elated that he's gotten so much better. His previous spirometry test showed that he was having a lot of difficultly. But now? He's breathing like a champ! It's amazing how much Kael's quality of life has improved since January. His coughing fits are few and far between and his perpetual runny nose is finally getting under control. He's running more, and jumping more, and doing all those awesome boy things he wasn't able to do as much before.

Dr. Karen was elated by this news. So were we. This is our "We are elated!" cell phone picture. Because everyone squishes up their face when they get such fabulous news.

We got even more great news before leaving the clinic -- Kael's medication is being backed down to only one inhaler and his two allergy medications daily. In another four months we will need to have him reviewed again to see if he can have his allergy medication become an as needed treatment and also discuss beginning allergy shots as a more long-term treatment. Dr. Karen thinks that being away from such a windy environment will help Kael, too. We're keeping our fingers crossed!



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