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As the title implies this week has been busy. Very good, but busy.

Oklahoma missed out on a majority of the snowpocalypse that landscaped much of the Midwest and South last week. Or, at least it missed central Oklahoma. We got a light dusting that lasted for about a day and then was gone. I don't think I have ever seen such a mild winter in this state. Not complaining, mind you, but it is different than what we are accustomed to. Every year I have been here has had some kind of a weather disaster during the winter. Ice storms that knock out power for weeks on end, blizzards that leave hundreds of cars (and their drivers) stranded on the interstate Christmas Day, hail that demolishes cars and damages buildings... It's always left me with a looming apprehension of winter.

Sure is pretty though.

Kael and I also went to the Central Oklahoma Asthma and Allergic clinic on Wednesday to try and better understand what happened in December and how we can avoid it happening again. Kael has developed a fear of hospitals and doctors since December (for obvious reasons) but amazingly he adored the specialist that was working with us. I wish all doctors were so amicable. After talking with her for a few minutes about his medical history and the more recent problems she recommended that we do an allergy test since it seems the breathing asthmatic attacks/bronchitis/etc are a seasonal problem.

Kael did not like this. At all. Not that I blame him, who would enjoy having a stranger doodle numbers and letters down their arms and then be poked by 32 needles? Not to mention being told not to touch or scratch the afflicted area for a whole fifteen minutes. It became quickly obvious as we waited for the doctor to come back that Kael had allergies. There were welts over almost every injection site within minutes.

Turns out my kiddo is allergic to the entire world grass, trees, weeds, mites, mold, dust, dogs, and cats. Especially cats. Which explains why Kael would always have puffy swollen eyes, a super runny nose, and randomly break out in hives whenever he went to Mom's house -- she has an indoor cat that sheds like it's going out of style.

So now we are on a new medication regimen that includes Flovent, Proventil, Singulair, and Zyrtec daily to see if it will help with his official diagnosis of asthma and allergic rhinitis. We have to keep a log of whenever his allergies flare up and how often we have to use his emergency medication to see how well the treatment is working. So far he's taken to this change in our daily routine fairly well, and with any luck it will make things easier for him.

Fingers crossed it stays that way. A kid this awesome doesn't need medical problems slowing him down.



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