Opening week

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Three weeks out of the year the college I work for has an eruption of students. Fall is by far the worst week, but Spring is a close second. Students needing help locating classrooms, professors, schedules, and books. Working at the Information Desk means I will talk myself hoarse for several days as I try to calmly explain that I cannot give a student their professor's cell phone number, or that the Biological Science Lab really is on the second floor.

Naturally after work earlier this week I walked around campus and tried to covertly take pictures. It didn't work that well though, since every time I attempted to covertly take pictures of the pandemonium the students all miraculously disappeared. Oh well, you can get the gist of things from the pictures I did get.

It's easy to tell who the new students are the first few weeks of any new semester. The wide-eyed amazement at our tiny college and fearful clutching to a campus map usually is a dead giveaway. Not to mention the constant use of our atrium computers attempting to find and print their class schedules without asking for help.

The bookstore is also a nightmare. If you don't order/purchase your books ahead of time (which is a risk in and of itself since you very well might not NEED the book listed on the college's website) you are guaranteed to wait at least forty-five minutes in line while struggling to hold your five million books. All the while hoping no one lifts your backpack while you queued not so patiently.

We also have arrows pointing to everything on campus placed at every corner and hallway. New students hover over the amass of signs slowly rotating themselves until they are pointed in the right direction. Or, if they are in their own little world they stomp directly over them and grab the nearest faculty member.

However, now that the week is over I can finally breathe again. Which means tackling my philosophy and history classes, cleaning my house, and spending some much overdue time with a certain very awesome four year old. I'm also working on some super-secret birthday and anniversary presents. I promise to post pictures of both, but only after the recipient receives them!



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