Adventures with Katy

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This post could also be called, "We ate a lot of food and put things in boxes".

Earlier this week I realized that Katy and I haven't had a lunch date in well over a month, and that I couldn't precisely recall the last time I had seen my best friend. An easy solution was to declare today our super awesome Alisha and Katy Date Day. Included in the festivities was sushi, car rides, ice cream, hat wearing, and shoving a duvet into a tiny bag.

A wonderful way to spend my Friday.

I adore Katy. I truly do. She is like the sister I never had (even though I distinctly remember asking for a little sister from Santa when I was about seven years old. You are late, Mr. Claus!). I don't know what I will do when I move away later this year. Probably drown my sorrows in a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

You might notice Katy looks different. I for one love the new and improved Katy. We match! Now we can pretend to be sisters and random strangers might even believe us. Awesome!

I took Katy to O Asian Fusion for lunch. Alex and I stumbled upon this place when he was visiting in November and I have been dying to take Katy ever since. If any of you (my six person readership) by chance come through Norman, Oklahoma definitely swing by this place, it is wonderful.

Especially their sushi. Holy moly, their sushi. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find good sushi in this landlocked state?! I think I could easily waste a paycheck trying every roll they have to offer.

After lunch we went to Cold Stone Creamery and snagged two ice cream cones. Cake batter ice cream is the stuff Heaven is made out of. Yum. Mixed in with chocolate shavings and sprinkles (or in Katy's case, chocolate shavings and blueberries)? Even better.

Today was not only spent eating a whole bunch of food; we also packed up Katy's bedroom. She's moving to Super Duper McAwesomepants Land (also known as Midwest City) in the very near future and still has a good bit to pack up. Sadly, I have no idea what is hers and what is her roommate's in regards to worldly possessions, such as towels and hair care products. So instead I donned her scooter helmet and demanded we take pictures. The least I can do is offer entertainment.

We also found this tape! Katy and I were so excited until we realized it was only the one song. What kind of tape only has ONE song on it?! Come on now, *NSYNC, we expected so much more of you.

I wish I could say I helped to pack these boxes. I did fold three pillowcases and several sheets though! And then Katy discovered her old box of crocheted hats.

We love us some crocheted hats. That's Katy's happy face.

She gave me this hat. I am in love with it, even if I need a few bobby pins to keep it in place. Which reminds me, I still need to figure out how to crochet hats for myself. I am the Princess of crocheted scarves, blankets, and purses but hats still turn into glorified doilies. Erph.

Katy, being as fabulous as she is, also has sunflowers in her bedroom. They are wonderfully pretty.

Katy is wonderfully pretty, too.

I, on the other hand, look like a hyperventilating chipmunk wearing a hat. It's all part of my womanly charm.

Rhett the Puppy simply looked like a fashion icon. A very unamused fashion icon. Quick, someone call Dolce and Gabbana.

I'm going to miss Katy when she moves, even though it will only be about 45 minutes north of where she is presently. It still feels like worlds away. I'm already scheming in my head already with all of the reasons I might have for driving an hour out of my way. Or maybe I could just tempt her with sushi and hats again...



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