Ten things I love Sunday!

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Here's to week two! Does that make this a routine now?

1. Difficult Weeks.

I had a pretty big "lemon" happen this week. I've been hopping between feeling extremely sad and undeniably angry about it. I think this option may be a bit more conductive to my mental health.

2. The Sky.

One thing I love about where I live right now -- the sunsets are incredible. I can never quite capture them on camera, but they are still absolutely breath-taking.

3. Levitation.

I found this woman's blog earlier this week. Her "daily levitation" entries are both ethereal and a bit disconcerting.

4. Be Joyful.

I think I might need to print this and tack it onto every vertical surface I own.

5. Sand Castles.

Does anyone else get stupidly excited about those sand castle/sand art competitions that happen every summer? I'm amazed by the inventiveness of people and the durability of sand.

6. Candy.

This is the prettiest candy I have ever seen. I don't think it can be real. It can't be real. Can it?

7. Ink.

So, so pretty. Sometimes I wonder why tattoo artists don't try using a new medium, there's no doubt they have more talent in one finger than I have in my entire being. But then I stop myself, because without them I would have to settle for sub-par tattoos, and that is not something I'd love.

8. Love and Self-Worth.

This is Nick Vujicic. He is amazing. If you ever need to be reminded that you are an incredible, amazing, and perfectly made person just listen to him. Give him five minutes of your time and the world will look different.

9. Coffee.

I adore this picture, because it is so identifiably me. Coffee + A Really Good Book + A Comfy Chair = An Extremely Happy Blogger.

10. Slide.

I don't know where this place is, but I want to go. It just looks like it would be fantastical. Like Dr. Suess meets Disneyland meets a water park.

Baby shower!

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Today was Hannah's baby shower. I think she may have accidentally given me baby fever. Or at least a sudden urge to be pregnant again. Minus the swollen feet and inability to shave my legs for almost two months. If I can bypass that I would be really happy.

It was really a great party. Hannah will be 38 weeks in just a handful of days, so for all I know the next time I see her there might be a baby Rubey in her arms. It's so exciting -- I had the fantastic experience of being able to watch her go through this entire pregnancy. For some reason it never dawned on me while I was pregnancy with Kael how astonishing it is that a person can build a human being within them. It's truly amazing.

And of course it gave me another wonderful opportunity to take a million pictures. Or at least four hundred. Practice makes perfect, right?

Friday's with Hannah

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Hannah and I decided to have an afternoon together. We normally work at the information desk on the same schedule, but since she's going to be a Mommy very soon that has changed a bit. My partner in crime is now at home versus sitting at the desk next to mine every morning.

After a week without her I've realized how much that sucks. Hannah is awesome. She's the zen version of me. Without her around the mornings drag by. So, when today presented the perfect opportunity for us to visit and have some fun I pounced on it. And it was absolutely glorious.

I see a new weekly tradition in the making. I can be a grocery-helper and impromptu baby sitter, too. Win/win!


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I love my fiance. I really, really do. He's an awesome fella who brings out the super-awesome parts of me. And because I know he reads this, I am making a list of things just for him. The ABCs of Alex.

Adamant. You try changing his mind sometime.

Bearded. And oh how I love it.

Cute. He really is.

Determined. If he decides he will do something, regardless of what that thing may be, it happens. I am willing to bet he could alter the gravitational pull of the Earth if he wanted.

Alex will not be deterred.
(See: Adamant)

Eloquent. He may not be this way with everyone, but sometimes the words he says inspire me. I wonder why the guy isn't a poet.

Faithful. I love that I can say without a doubt that Alex's puts God ahead of me. I love I can say the same back. I love that we both know how incredible that is.

Gentle. When I can't walk, or can't hardly move (Christmas comes to mind) and Alex treats me like the world's most precious possession. When I am well and healthy and bounding across the room, he treats me exactly the same.

Habilable. The boy can dress.

Irresistible. Well, I am marrying the guy. Kinda helps that I can't get enough of him.
(See: Bearded)

Jocund. Although this is definitely accurate, I chose this word moreso because it looks funny. And Alex is funny, so it works.

Kinetic. He is always doing something, working on something, planning something. It's like the guy is in perpetual motion.

Loving. Elephant. Superglue. 10/11/12. Swizzlebop. There's only so many ways you can say it.

Mulish. You try getting him to change his mind once he has decided on something. Go on. Try.
(See: Adamant and Determined.)

Nonstop. (See: Kinetic)

Original. There is no one in the world like Alex. How many guys do you know will make metal gauntlets to match your steampunk chaps? Or brandish a plastic teal wand to make his Harry Potter Fangirling date explode with glee?

I rest my case.

Perspicacious. He can read my mind. It's kinda spooky.

Ready. For tomorrow. For any foreseeable issues that may arise. For the zombie apocalypse...

Satirical. He makes me laugh so hard that I squeak. And then do that drunken seal clapping thing.

Tender. Mailing me a dozen roses for our anniversary. Making me metallic roses by hand just because. Talking me to sleep every night. There are so many moments that I catch myself asking whether or not this really is my life.

Unexpected. Most certainly, and in the best possible way.

Valorous. He opens doors, rubs feet, and slays dragons. The whole nine yards.

Wonderful. Like, totally.

Xerothermic. Not really.But do you know how hard it is to find a good adjective that starts with the letter 'X'?!

Youngish. Well, younger than me at any rate. And you always will be! Neener neener!!

No, really, I'm mature.

Zig-a-zig-ah. Because you're what I want. What I really, really want.

180 days to go...

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Remember that paper bag I was talking about earlier this year?

(A quick forewarning: This is going to be a ridiculously long post with huuuuge amounts of pic-spam.)

It's been so weird planning this whole wedding-thing. Stressful, but only because some things have to take time. I feel like i should have more done than I do, even though I have gotten a lot more than expected completed (with the help of Sharon, Mom, and Michelle -- I love you three!).

Thus far I have:

-- Sent out my save the dates
-- Figured out the guest list and have it finalized
-- Reserved my venues for wedding and reception
-- Bought my wedding dress (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-- Have my hair and make up mostly set
-- Reserved my photographer
-- Purchased Alex's wedding ring and begun shopping for mine
-- Alex has picked his and the groomsmen's tuxes
-- Picked out bridemaid style/color dresses
-- Figured out what our menu will be for the recpetion and waiting for pricing from two caterers.
-- will be doing (cup)cake testing in March with Alex
-- Doing registry in the near future
-- Started brainstorming decor ideas for chapel and reception hall

In lieu of this list... why do I feel like I haven't gotten a thing done yet?! Does everyone feel this way when planning a wedding? If you click the link you'll see about five billion pictures. Some are things set in stone and others are simply ideas I am tossing around. Input is welcome!

Ten things I love Sunday

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I've decided to start something new on this blog (and maybe add a bit of consistency). Every week I will list ten things that I love/like/adore. They can be things I have known about for a while or something brand new that I am dying to share. I think it will be fun and exciting! That and I keep finding random things on the internet and this gives me the perfect excuse to share them with everyone. Enjoy!

1. Yellow Things

Up until recently I didn't like the color yellow. At all. It was too bright and made me look like I was jaundiced. I avoided the color for years. Then on a whim I decided to give yellow a second chance. Lo and behold I love it! I don't know what's changed, but it's quickly becoming one of my most favorite colors.

2. This Baby Porcupine Hedgehog

Look at this little fella! He is so cute! So freaking cute! I want one, I want a prickly little pet that I can dangerously snuggle and be overly smitten with. I would name him Rufus and we would be best friends for life.

3. This Picture

I love everything about this picture. The background looking almost magical and so vibrant, the navy dress, the hat (oh man, the hat is too perfect for words), her hair and how she pulls off wearing glasses AND having bangs so magnificently. Love love love.

4. Mixing Chilis and Chocolate

I recently decided to try chocolate infused with chilli powder. It was UH-MAZING. So I tried adding it to my home make cocoa. Sooo goooood. It adds a depth of warmth and tingles the back of your throat and warms your belly. I can't believe I never thought of pairing the two before; they are a match made in heaven.

5. Nail Polish

I used to paint my nails all the time. Crazy and vibrant colors like Key Lime and Butter Sunshine. I don't know what happened but for some reason I stopped. Last week out of boredom I took out my midnight blue and painted my nails. It was wonderful. Today they are teal and look like tiny gems that dance on my finger tips.

6. Faux-s'ghetti.

Who ever came up with this idea is awesome. Awesome. That is all.

7. These Shoes
If you don't love these there is something wrong with you. Or you are male. Or you hate heels and fashion. Because they are so fun and beautiful. They have a peacock feather painted on them! I can think of at least five occasions that would merit my wearing such a wonderful shoe.

8. Nuns Who Sing

Singing Nuns = Sound of Music. Sound of Music = The Best Movie Ever. Ergo, Singing Nuns = The Best Thing Ever. It's simple math, really.

9. Florence + The Machine

I have been listening to her album almost nonstop for the past month. I can't stay away from it. Every song is unique, just as she is. Some of the songs are angry and loud, some are light and full of joy that bursts forth. I can listen to her music and feel a whole range of emotions, it's incredible. It's on my Bucket List to see her in concert.

10. Fresh Fruit in the Winter
Is anyone besides me amazed when they go grocery shopping and see blueberries and kiwis and mangoes in the produce section? Mangoes!! In February! It's fascinating! The fact that I can buy these things fresh and not canned or frozen, it's like a little ray of sunshine in the middle of winter.

An adventure is simply a well planned trip gone awry.

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Today was absolutely perfect outside. The kind of weather that only happens once in a very rare while; not too hot, not too cold, a slight breeze in the air. The kind of weather that makes you ache to be outside enjoying it. I spent the first half of the day trying to tell myself to stay inside -- my house was a wreck and I had a mountain of homework. By noon the attempt became futile; dishes and homework would still be there in the evening, this weather wouldn't.

Besides, it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear one of the dresses I had thrifted on Thursday. Perfect excuse. Within half an hour we were out the door and on our way to a picnic at the park.

Sonic counts as picnic food, right? We had a blanket after all...

The power of technology

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Yesterday Katy and I went on an epic adventure into the great unknown.

Okay, not really. But Katy did take me to the most incredible thrift store in the tri-county area.

I spent about fifteen minutes lamenting the fact that I had forgotten to stuff my camera in my purse that morning and what a great blog post. Allow me to paraphrase the conversation that followed:

"I can't believe I forgot my camera."
"Why not just use your phone?"
"Yeah, but then the pictures are just stuck on my phone, what's the point?"
"You do know you can email pictures to yourself from your cell phone, right?"
"... You can?"
"I did not know that."
"Well you aren't the most technologically literate of the bunch."
"This is true."

I am afraid this newly found revlation will cause more harm than good. Now I have a camera on me at ALL times. No one is safe from my blog. Bwhahaha!!!


Onto the pictures! My I present to you Katy and Alisha's Most Epic Thrift StoreAdventure! Now featuring cheesy cell phone pictures and rivetingridiculous commentary!

Big things

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Kael received his second quarterly review from the developmental delay program last week. When he was placed in the program I met with the speech, occupational, and physical therapists as well as the director of the program to create a list of goals we wanted him to achieve this academic year. The list included Speech, Cognitive Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Social Interaction, and Basic Learning Skills. With his PDD-NOS we aren't sure if any of his delays or sensory issues are permanent yet, or if with the right therapy he will be able to go into normal school and adapt to a less controlled environment in the future.


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I really like making cookies. I like mixing together the ingredients and dolloping them onto a baking sheet. I like how the smells can permeate my house in the best possible way. I like taking that first bite when a cookie is fresh out of the oven and just a tad bit too hot. Above all though, I like when my cookies are not only good, but good for me.

Which brings us to the incredible fruit that has become my go-to ingredient in baking cookies this past month.

The banana.

For me, healthy baking is all about substitution. Using applesauce (or in this case bananas) instead of sugar while simultaneously replacing some of the needed thickening agents. Whole wheat flour instead of white, dried fruit and chopped nuts instead of chocolate chips. I still have a hard time finding an adequate replacement for butter, though. Oil just doesn't seem to work the same kind of magic. Pity.

I've gotten my banana cookie making down to a science. Or maybe it's more of an art. Either way I've stopped using recipes and instead I've begun playing it by eye. I'm rather impressed with myself that I should dare to take such a risk. Last week it was honey banana nut cookies. This week I switched things around and added rolled oats and chopped dates and subtracted the honey. Both versions were divine.

If I had to guess I'd say used about one cup of whole wheat flower, 3/4 cup of rolled oats, a large pinch of nutmeg cinnamon and salt each, half a teaspoon of baking powder, three very ripe bananas, one egg, 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts, 1/2 cup of dates, and a little over half a stick of butter. Wet ingredients first then mixed gradually with the dry. Once a good batter is formed and drop a large teaspoon's worth per cookie onto the baking sheet. Then it's into the oven for ten minutes at 350*.

The recipe easily makes four dozen cookies. More if you make them all the small side. They're light and chewy while also packing a good bit of sweetness and flavor (not to mention fiber and nutrients). I don't plan on eating all fifty-some-odd cookies by myself, but even if I did I wouldn't feel too guilty. Something this full of healthy ingredients can't be that bad for you.

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."

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Today has been busy. Incredibly busy. I went to Katy's house early in the morning and had my second trial run for hair and makeup (the initial attempt left me with a Victorian Era bouffant). We then drove across town to David's Bridal for the third time in a month to finalize and purchase my wedding dress. Before my appointment we spent an hour at DSW and I purchased my wedding shoes -- blue suede and fabulous. While wearing my future dress and feeling like a princess I had Katy model an array of bridesmaid dresses because I still couldn't 100% decide on a color. After about two hours I grudgingly switched back into my frumpy clothes and placed the order for my dress. It will be ready in April.

Then Katy and I went to Hobby Lobby and brainstormed centerpieces and decorations with much success before I finally high-tailed it home. And was subsequently greeted with bumper to bumper traffic. By the time Kael and I parked in front of my house I was exhausted and more than a little bit grumpy. It had been a great day, but a very long one.

As I was reaching to unlock the door my neighbor rushed outside and said I had received a package and ran into her house to get it for me.

Blame Alton.

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We're on our fifth snow day this month. I'm becoming a pro at this whole being cooped up with a rambunctious four year old thing. Thankfully this storm wasn't nearly as bad as the previous one. It left a good four inches outside but aside from that nothing major to report. It's already begun to melt.

Knowing that I might be stuck indoors for several days again I began looking though Food Network's recipes earlier this week. I found one of Alton's that seemed interesting, describing a dish called "Swiss steak" which involved vegetables and cube steak. Knowing nothing about cube steak I naturally went out and purchased a one pound package. Live a little, right?

Today while I was avoiding my homework and piling laundry I looked up the recipe again and decided to give it a whirl. The worst case scenario would be that it tasted awful. It called for several things I don't have (such as a Dutch oven), but I figured I could improvise. I doubt a Pyrex baking dish is THAT much different than a Dutch oven.

The ingredients were simple enough; white medium white onion chopped coarsely, two celery stalks finely chopped, a can of diced tomatoes, garlic, oregano, beef broth (although I substituted with chicken, shh), and of course the steak. I'm happy to say my slicing and dicing skills are improving with practice.

Oh, bother

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I took some pictures yesterday afternoon just before leaving work. The college was shut down until Saturday due to the fact that maintenance was still trying to clear away the remnants of the blizzard. Being on campus Monday morning much of the snow has melted or been plowed away, although there are heaps of the slushy not-so-white stuff at various spots through out campus.

I was almost sad to see it go. The snow makes it feel like winter even if it brings freezing temperatures with it. Snow is the highlight of the winter season for me. I miss living in a part of the country that actually has a change in seasons and wintry weather. Or regularly maintains a seasonal temperature without having hurricane force winds. It's been a pleasant change to look out my window in the morning and see the world blanketed in white.

Watching the news last night I was both elated and despondent. It looks like another big storm is coming our way, bringing with it up to a foot of snow. At least this time there won't be 40mph winds, although we are looking at a wind chill of about -15*F.


Time to stock up on toilet paper and nonperishables again.


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I think I may have jinxed myself yesterday when I said I was going to visit Rene this afternoon. My thought had been that since a lot of the snow would be cleared by today it would be safe to travel further than the closest Mega-Mart. I woke this morning and as I peeked out my window I was greeted by newly fallen snow. More is coming down as I type this. Looking at the Weather Channel it looks like two more storms will be coming through this area before the end of next week.

Oh, goody.

Day three

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We are on our third snow day here in Oklahoma. Most of the college campuses and public schools are closed (likely until Monday unless by some miracle all the snow melts between now and tomorrow morning). I would be excited about having a week off from school, except that with online classes I still have the joy of taking my exams and lessons even if the college itself is snowed in.

Oh bother.

At least Kael has found some innovative ways to entertain himself while trapped indoors. Including but not limited to pretending he was competing in the Iditarod and making a slide out of his mattress pad and box spring. We've also taken to playing 'Jungle' in which we pretend to be monkeys and jump madly about the house while hooting like some deranged creature that sounds nothing like a monkey.

Yesterday we ventured out to get some groceries and fresh air. Needless to say Kael was ecstatic to be leaving the house and accidentally became trapped in an armpit high snow drift due to his gleeful celebrations.

Kael:1, Snowdrift:0

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The winds have died down enough to allow going a certain kiddo to play outside for short bursts of time. Not to mention said kiddo has been attempting to sneak out the front door since a little after one o'clock. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?

This is the best picture ever. It's the gloves that do it.

Kael, defeater of snowdrifts. Stomp stomp stomp.

Snoooow day!

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For the past few days Mr. Weatherman has been warning the Oklahoma populace that the "Snowpocalypse" was upon us. Since we have been told no less than five times this season that some treacherous winter storm was about to bombard us I wasn't holding my breath. That is, until the college I work for shut down last night and said campus would be closed today. I took a peek at my pantry and feeling that I could last several days locked indoors I shuffled off to bed to the sound of sleet racketing my windows.

I awoke to a little smiling face next to me. Best way to start to morning. Most mornings we don't get to spend thirty minutes snuggled under a large comforter tickling each other and having several rounds of the always fun Who-Can-Give-The-Best-Snuggle game, it was wonderful.

Ain't he awesome? I think so. I also noticed around this time that is was awfully bright for only being 8:30 in the morning. Peeking out my window I saw that everything was coating in a nice thick layer of the fluffy white stuff.


Photobucket I was born and raised in California. I have also lived in Hungary, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and I will be moving again this summer. Kael is my incredibly awesome kiddo who is growing up far too quickly, and Alex is my fiance who makes me happier than should be legally allowed. I write about them a lot. I'm mildly obsessed with cooking and photography. I write about those things, too.