"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."

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Today has been busy. Incredibly busy. I went to Katy's house early in the morning and had my second trial run for hair and makeup (the initial attempt left me with a Victorian Era bouffant). We then drove across town to David's Bridal for the third time in a month to finalize and purchase my wedding dress. Before my appointment we spent an hour at DSW and I purchased my wedding shoes -- blue suede and fabulous. While wearing my future dress and feeling like a princess I had Katy model an array of bridesmaid dresses because I still couldn't 100% decide on a color. After about two hours I grudgingly switched back into my frumpy clothes and placed the order for my dress. It will be ready in April.

Then Katy and I went to Hobby Lobby and brainstormed centerpieces and decorations with much success before I finally high-tailed it home. And was subsequently greeted with bumper to bumper traffic. By the time Kael and I parked in front of my house I was exhausted and more than a little bit grumpy. It had been a great day, but a very long one.

As I was reaching to unlock the door my neighbor rushed outside and said I had received a package and ran into her house to get it for me.

I was curious as she came back to my house carrying a large rectangular box. I hadn't purchased anything and was not expecting any packages to arrive. A lump grew in my throat as I looked at the box. Only one person would secretly send me flowers.

I cried opening the box. The pictures do not do the roses justice, at all. They smell beautiful and look perfect. I stood there staring at them and crying for several minutes before realizing that a card had come with the roses.

And then I started crying again and spent the next forty-five minutes on the phone with Alex and being a mushy lovey girl. They are my anniversary present from him. He asked if I minded that they came a day early and I laughed saying that I didn't mind in the slightest, all the while trying not to cry. I failed miserably.

I'm not used to getting flowers or gifts, even on special occasions. It makes butterflies grow in my stomach and my heart skips a beat. Knowing that he planned this well in advance to ensure they came today means so much to me. It's a reminder as to why I am stressing about bridesmaid dresses and centerpieces; it's because of this guy who mails me perfectly timed flowers and calls me "Baby". This guy that makes it all worth it.


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  1. --Sharon
    February 11, 2011 at 9:22 PM

    I've almost given up taking pictures because the flowers ALWAYS look so much better in real life! :)


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