Snoooow day!

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For the past few days Mr. Weatherman has been warning the Oklahoma populace that the "Snowpocalypse" was upon us. Since we have been told no less than five times this season that some treacherous winter storm was about to bombard us I wasn't holding my breath. That is, until the college I work for shut down last night and said campus would be closed today. I took a peek at my pantry and feeling that I could last several days locked indoors I shuffled off to bed to the sound of sleet racketing my windows.

I awoke to a little smiling face next to me. Best way to start to morning. Most mornings we don't get to spend thirty minutes snuggled under a large comforter tickling each other and having several rounds of the always fun Who-Can-Give-The-Best-Snuggle game, it was wonderful.

Ain't he awesome? I think so. I also noticed around this time that is was awfully bright for only being 8:30 in the morning. Peeking out my window I saw that everything was coating in a nice thick layer of the fluffy white stuff.

So maybe the weatherman was right this time. Go figure.

I love snow and winter. When I lived in Hungary winter was marked by mountains of pristine white snow that made everything look fragile delicate and beautiful. Even in California we were guaranteed at least one good snow storm a year that blanketed the mountains in white. I miss it horribly now that I love here in Oklahoma snow where is far less common. So when a good storm comes along it makes my heart ridiculously happy. It looks the the world has been dusted my confectioners sugar, and more is falling every minute.

We even have some miniature snow drifts accumulating on my front porch! The last big storm (in December of 2009) the snow drift covered my front door almost entirely, we had to make a path around the drifts to get to the door. Kael had a blast leaping into the mounds of snow. At least until he discovered that doing so made him cold.

The view from Kael's room. Pretty.

Since the front porch is covered in a snow drift I figured I would take Kael to the back yard so he could play outside. He had already put his shoes on and was in search of his jacket when I opened the back door and was met with a surprise. It looks like my screen door doesn't seal with my door as good as I thought. Whoops.

I suppose the plus side is that the winds are blowing like mad (according to the weatherman they're around 40mph). Although it's making the world turn white, it's definitely not a safe environment for a child to be playing in. So Kael wouldn't be able to go outside even if we could get through the door. Hopefully by this afternoon it will have died down enough that I can let him out for a few minutes, he keeps asking and it breaks my heart a bit to tell him no.

For now though, we're spending our day watching out the window and enjoying the snow fall.

Yay for snow days!



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