Friday's with Hannah

Posted on | Friday, February 25, 2011 | No Comments

Hannah and I decided to have an afternoon together. We normally work at the information desk on the same schedule, but since she's going to be a Mommy very soon that has changed a bit. My partner in crime is now at home versus sitting at the desk next to mine every morning.

After a week without her I've realized how much that sucks. Hannah is awesome. She's the zen version of me. Without her around the mornings drag by. So, when today presented the perfect opportunity for us to visit and have some fun I pounced on it. And it was absolutely glorious.

I see a new weekly tradition in the making. I can be a grocery-helper and impromptu baby sitter, too. Win/win!

We went to Chelino's for lunch. Aka - awesome Mexican food. It is great stuff, people. Having someone with you who is just as enthused at the idea of tortillas and tamales for lunch? It's equal to culinary bliss.

Sopapillas are even better. Drizzle some honey on top? Heaven.

We also went to Target. And bought a bunch of stuff. Hannah's baby shower is tomorrow (omg, excited!) so I was buying her prezzies. A Boppy, Boppy cover, bottle cleaning rack thingy, and diapers. Lots and lots of diapers.

Did I mention we bought diapers?

I think I might be as excited as Hannah is about her shower tomorrow. Expect more pictures!



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