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I think I may have jinxed myself yesterday when I said I was going to visit Rene this afternoon. My thought had been that since a lot of the snow would be cleared by today it would be safe to travel further than the closest Mega-Mart. I woke this morning and as I peeked out my window I was greeted by newly fallen snow. More is coming down as I type this. Looking at the Weather Channel it looks like two more storms will be coming through this area before the end of next week.

Oh, goody.

On a positive note, this snowfall lacks the blizzard-like conditions that accompanied Monday's storm. No gale force winds or below zero temperatures. Compared to Tuesday I would even call this weather warm. The snow isn't making me feel trapped in my home, although I am decidedly staying inside after seeing several ambulances speed (and skid) down the street. I would rather not have a visit to the ER because I wanted to play on Rene's Wii.

I did however take Kael outside to play in the snow in hopes of working out some of his pent up energy. I also let him have a bit of fun with the camera. He loves taking pictures, eventually I will need to do a blog post simply to show off his skills. He's rather good for a four year old.

Portrait of Mommy. I got on my knees so he could get this picture. I am amazed.

The street, and the snow from Kael's perspective.

And a tree, also dusted with snow.

I'm telling you, the boy has some serious talent. I need to get him his own camera. I think I might still have my old one hidden somewhere in the recesses of my bedroom, now that I think of it.

My kid is seriously awesome. Oh, and he loves the snow. If left to his own devices I think he would spend all day and all night in the fluffy white stuff.

So maybe having a week's worth of snow days isn't entirely awful. Although having adult company and conversation through a means other than Facebook would be incredible right about now. There is only so much Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks a parent can take before their brain begins dribbling out their ears.

Maybe I'll bake some cookies to keep myself occupied. Where did I put those eggs...



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