Day three

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We are on our third snow day here in Oklahoma. Most of the college campuses and public schools are closed (likely until Monday unless by some miracle all the snow melts between now and tomorrow morning). I would be excited about having a week off from school, except that with online classes I still have the joy of taking my exams and lessons even if the college itself is snowed in.

Oh bother.

At least Kael has found some innovative ways to entertain himself while trapped indoors. Including but not limited to pretending he was competing in the Iditarod and making a slide out of his mattress pad and box spring. We've also taken to playing 'Jungle' in which we pretend to be monkeys and jump madly about the house while hooting like some deranged creature that sounds nothing like a monkey.

Yesterday we ventured out to get some groceries and fresh air. Needless to say Kael was ecstatic to be leaving the house and accidentally became trapped in an armpit high snow drift due to his gleeful celebrations.

Before anyone says I am being unsafe/insane we were at a stop light with no cars near me from any angle when I snagged this picture.

Amazingly the roads weren't that bad. Aside from the hooligans speeding down the road and subsequently fishtailing (and one particularly stubborn senior citizen that in an attempt to speed past me became stuck in a rather nasty bit of snow) it was thankfully an uneventful journey. The hardest part was getting into the grocery store parking lot since none of them had been sanded or salted.

A million thank yous to my Step-Dad for taking me out in the first big snow storm we had after I got my drivers license to teach me how to properly drive in this stuff!

It was somewhat post-apocalyptic inside the store. The entire bread aisle was barren and yet the produce section was over-flowing with food. People had carts near bursting with nonperishable foodstuffs and looks of mild befuddlement on their faces. It was eerily quiet, which made Kael a bit nervous. That is, until he realized he could run and jump down the empty aisles.

If the roads clear a bit more over the next few days Kael and I might make a trip up to Moore to visit Rene in an effort to combat this week-long battle with cabin fever and lethargy. There's only so much a four-year-old and a twenty-something person can do while locked inside their house before the crazies set in. Besides, her kitchen is way nicer. And she has a Wii.

Until then, Kael's going to pretend this is the Alaskan wilderness and that his stuffed animals are huskies traversing the Arctic Tundra.



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