180 days to go...

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Remember that paper bag I was talking about earlier this year?

(A quick forewarning: This is going to be a ridiculously long post with huuuuge amounts of pic-spam.)

It's been so weird planning this whole wedding-thing. Stressful, but only because some things have to take time. I feel like i should have more done than I do, even though I have gotten a lot more than expected completed (with the help of Sharon, Mom, and Michelle -- I love you three!).

Thus far I have:

-- Sent out my save the dates
-- Figured out the guest list and have it finalized
-- Reserved my venues for wedding and reception
-- Bought my wedding dress (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-- Have my hair and make up mostly set
-- Reserved my photographer
-- Purchased Alex's wedding ring and begun shopping for mine
-- Alex has picked his and the groomsmen's tuxes
-- Picked out bridemaid style/color dresses
-- Figured out what our menu will be for the recpetion and waiting for pricing from two caterers.
-- will be doing (cup)cake testing in March with Alex
-- Doing registry in the near future
-- Started brainstorming decor ideas for chapel and reception hall

In lieu of this list... why do I feel like I haven't gotten a thing done yet?! Does everyone feel this way when planning a wedding? If you click the link you'll see about five billion pictures. Some are things set in stone and others are simply ideas I am tossing around. Input is welcome!

As some of you know, I picked out my dress earlier this month. It is A-MAZING. I can't wait until it's finished and altered. I would seriously just walk around the house wearing it if I could.

Seriously. I didn't take it off for THREE. HOURS. I think Katy wanted to kill me by the time I changed back into my normal clothing. April needs to get here so I can pick it up and be a horribly enthusiastic fangirl about ruffles and tulle.

Also, check out my blue suede shoes. Jealous?

Katy is doing my hair and makeup for wedding. We've done two test runs and it looks fabulous. The only thing I would change is getting a slightly darker shade of lipstick, more of a pink and less of a beige but still looking like a natural lip color. The hair is gorgeous and looks great with my veil. It tolerated about six hours of trying on dresses and shopping without losing any curl or body. Awesome!

Alex picked out his tux and vest from Men's Warehouse. He is not wearing a pink vest, just a friendly fyi. I don't think he could fathom wearing pink ever in his life. The groomsmen's tuxes will be a bit less flashy with the same color vest but a different tie. Alex wants to wear the same tie his Dad got married in, which amazingly matches his vest. D'aaaw.

The bridesmaids are all wearing Lapis colored dresses from David's Bridal. Pruple is a safe color, right? The only prerequisite is that the dess be lapis and knee-length, past that I'm letting them have free-reign. They're the ones who get to wear the dress, after all.

Originally I was going to have a Navy/Emerald color theme, but that has been thrown out the window (obviously). Now we are looking at a color scheme that consists of light blue, light purple, dark purple, charcoal/black, with some off-white thrown in. It's WAY more girly than I ever thought I would go with, but I am amazingly in love with it. :)

Trinity Chapel is where the ceremony is being held. Currently the chapel is being renovated, these pictures are from about three months ago. The carpet is being ripped out to reveal the hard wood flooring and they are making everything shiny and new again. I can't wait to see how it looks! I loved it before, I know I will be in heaven with it after.

Here are some ideas for decorating the chapel. The place itself is very pretty on its own so I don't think we will need much to make it "pop".

The reception will be at the Civic Center. Again, pictures are from about three months ago, hence the Christmas trees. Alex is in love this place and the fact that he loves it so much makes me love it even though I have never seen it. It's well lit and spacious, and overall fantastic . And the tables come with the venue! Less things to rent, yay!

I have a few ideas floating around in my head regarding centerpiece ideas, but it has been the hardest thing to brainstorm about. There are a million things on the internet, classic centerpieces, retro centerpieces, flowers, books, and candles. It's the hardest thing in the world for me to sift through it all and pick ONE idea. This very well may be the most frustrating part of the planning for me. UGH!!

Anyways, I have two ideas to share, hopefully I can bring it down to one idea soon...

I love the idea of asymmetrical vases, but replace the flowers with colors that are more suited to our color theme.

I originally was very iffy about the idea of using Coke bottles as centerpieces, but now I am starting to really like it. Maybe it's because there is more than just one or two bottles and there are differing flowers and heights. I also really like the red table cloth, too. Even though none of the wedding party will match the 50's look that goes with the bottles and tablecloth, and the chapel will look entirely different. Can a person change color themes between the ceremony and reception?

Alex and I are wanting hamburgers and fries and salad for the food fare, still. It was an idea we had with the 1950s theme going at full-force and it has stuck. We're looking at doing a buffet-style dinner which works really well with the idea. We can have a condiment station so that people can choose what toppings they want (I'm an everything on it kinda girl, my Mom loathes tomatoes, I think alex might abhor everything but the meat and bread).

We're also wanting to do cupcakes and miniature floats (again from the 50's theme that stuck) instead of the traditional cake. Om nom nom!

My grandma is giving/lending me her wedding cake topper for the wedding. So excited! I kinda want to paint the doll's hair red to match mine, but I don't know how my grandma would feel about that...

I think we might be set on our idea for wedding favors. I was in a dilemma because I didn't want face the idea of being left with five dozen favors no one took home, but I also want my favors to be original and meaningful. I like the idea of soda bottles, and it's almost guaranteed that they will all be taken home. And it does tie into the the pseudo-50's theme that is sneaking its way throughout the reception.

So that, covers it for now! If you read through this entire thing you have my respect and admiration. Any ideas, tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. --Sharon
    February 21, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    BBQ sauce on the condiment bar for you-know-who!!! :)


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