The power of technology

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Yesterday Katy and I went on an epic adventure into the great unknown.

Okay, not really. But Katy did take me to the most incredible thrift store in the tri-county area.

I spent about fifteen minutes lamenting the fact that I had forgotten to stuff my camera in my purse that morning and what a great blog post. Allow me to paraphrase the conversation that followed:

"I can't believe I forgot my camera."
"Why not just use your phone?"
"Yeah, but then the pictures are just stuck on my phone, what's the point?"
"You do know you can email pictures to yourself from your cell phone, right?"
"... You can?"
"I did not know that."
"Well you aren't the most technologically literate of the bunch."
"This is true."

I am afraid this newly found revlation will cause more harm than good. Now I have a camera on me at ALL times. No one is safe from my blog. Bwhahaha!!!


Onto the pictures! My I present to you Katy and Alisha's Most Epic Thrift StoreAdventure! Now featuring cheesy cell phone pictures and rivetingridiculous commentary!

This place was truly incredible. The thrift stores in Norman are usually picked through within a day of new clothing being dropped off -- I am assuming by indie-rock enthusiasts and college students -- which leaves weird odds and ends that I really could not forsee myself buying. Ever. Add in the fact that said items are usually far more expensive than what should be listed at a store where people are buying used clothing and sequined dresses from 1987. If I can pay less for it at Ross there is a problem.

Thankfully Community Thrift didn't abide by those ridiculous rules and I didn't see anything listed over ten dollars. Although we did spot some lovely sequined dresses. A lot of the items looked like they had never been worn...

... Others looked like they just shouldn't be worn.

Or ever see the light of day again. Did one of Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompa's barf on this shirt or something? Don't answer that question.

I could always use another canary yellow prom dress, right?


What about a sassy bowling ball?

At least let us buy the very-used Mall Madness board game. It's a throwback to our childhood! And it TALKS! It's electronic. This stuff was considered high-tech in the early 90's, people.

Alright, alright. So we didn't actually buy any of that stuff (although I might sneak back next week and see if Mall Madness is still there, that game was the next best thing to blowing your allowance at the GAP and Build-a-Bear). But I did buy two dresses, a pair of dresses, and four shirts. All for under $35. I am fairly proud of my money-saving abilities.

Can you imagine this dress was only $9?! And it fit just a little bit loose, which makes Alisha one happy camper.

I think I might go back next week just to see if they've gotten anything new. And if that Mall Madness is still on the shelf.



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