Baby shower!

Posted on | Saturday, February 26, 2011 | No Comments

Today was Hannah's baby shower. I think she may have accidentally given me baby fever. Or at least a sudden urge to be pregnant again. Minus the swollen feet and inability to shave my legs for almost two months. If I can bypass that I would be really happy.

It was really a great party. Hannah will be 38 weeks in just a handful of days, so for all I know the next time I see her there might be a baby Rubey in her arms. It's so exciting -- I had the fantastic experience of being able to watch her go through this entire pregnancy. For some reason it never dawned on me while I was pregnancy with Kael how astonishing it is that a person can build a human being within them. It's truly amazing.

And of course it gave me another wonderful opportunity to take a million pictures. Or at least four hundred. Practice makes perfect, right?

And of course there were presents. Bunches and bunches of presents.

Baby stuff is so cute it gives people toothaches. Has anyone else noticed this? I think I "Awww"'ed more over the adorable things Hannah unwrapped than how cute Hannah looked. I mean... Cute duckie bath towels?! Adorable Easter onesies?! Little booties and mittens?! Alright, maybe the diaper pail wasn't that cute, but still!

We also had baby shower games. Amazingly someone guessed exactly how big Rubey was. Impressive observation/guessing skills.

Kael had a lot of fun too. There were several other kiddos at the party and he got a chance to play with them. And their super awesome toys.

And we ate cupcakes. Pink Bavarian cream filled cupcakes. Help.

It was an absolutely wonderful day.



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