Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

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Earlier this spring I was given some very disheartening news. My step-Dad was informed that the vacation time he had wanted for my wedding had been cancelled. In fact, all vacation time for the summer months has been cancelled for all employees. The construction company he works for had bid on several very expensive contracts, the result being a great deal of work for the crew. They needed everyone on board. Which means no one gets time off.

I'm not going to lie, I cried the first night after I found out. And then I got angry. I'm still a little angry, to be honest. I know it's in no way my Dad's fault, and I know that there is still a slim chance that he can make it to the wedding (Since it's on a Saturday he may end up working his maximum hours during the week and get the day off, or they may get rained out, or they may not need him that day). We won't know until a few days prior to the wedding, though. Which is frustrating at best.

I want my Dad there. I want him to be part of my wedding. After I move it's not going to be as easy to see either of my parents and I know that this is extremely important to both of them, and to me.

So I began to think of ways to have him still involved. A videographer, obviously. Skype, possibly. If he is not working I'm thinking using a cell phone on speaker so that he can hear the ceremony and verbally give me away (heck, I may even carry the phone with me down the aisle come to think of it). But I still wanted something. Something I could have with me that was special from him so that even if none of those things happen he is there there with me. A trinket or a necklace, something special.

I told him about my idea and he liked it.

And last Sunday he gave me a tiny box and said, "If I'm at your wedding or not I want you to wear this."

Marvin. I wanted to cry when I saw it. It's absolutely perfect. See, my Dad has a secret talent. He can do a spot-on imitation of Marvin the Martian. And I mean Spot. On.

When I was first starting to get to know him it was one of those things that would make me smile, even when I was in a hellacious I'm-thirteen-and-the-world-sucks kind of mood. We both love Marvin, and whenever I see a cartoon with the little fella in it I think of my Dad. The two are connected in my head now.

Like I said, it's perfect. He said that I didn't have to wear it where it will show, but truthfully I want to have it visible. I want to be able to see Marvin, because then I know my Dad is there in his heart, even if his body is stuck in Oklahoma.

I know you don't read this, but I love you Dad.



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