Ten things I love Sunday!

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People, I cannot tell you how joyous I am that this illness is finally passing. It's such a relief to feel like myself again, even if I am slightly more sluggish than usual. I have energy. I never realized how much I took for granted my ability to do things. Even the most simple things, like doing my dishes or folding laundry. It's humbling in the most wonderful way.

1. Moustache Band-Aids!

I love how popular moustaches have become. Has anyone else noticed how stupendously popular moustaches are? Finger moustaches, and band-aids, and those awesome fake glasses with a nose and huge Groucho Marx 'stache. I wouldn't go as far as to purposefully hurt myself to have one of these awesome bandages, but I definitely want to have one of those moustaches on a stick and carry it around. If only for the simple purpose prove how superbly awesome I am.

2. Túró Rudi

The only place I have ever found this amazing treat is in Hungary. Go figure, right? They are sold mostly in vending machines throughout the city, although if memory serves there were a few stores that sold them, too. When I arrived in Hungary in the summer they were a God-send. Wonderfully cold to combat to hot weather and perfectly sweet. They were composed of a thin outer coating of dark chocolate and an inner filling of "túró", or curd. So, so DELICIOUS.

3. Directions

I wish so much that this sign post was real. So many of these places are intrinsically linked to my childhood. Places of magic and wonder, places that pushed my imagination and made me see beyond my own little corner of the universe. I would lay in bed for ages dreaming about Narnia as a small child, and would joke with my other super-awesome-geeky friends in high school about how incredible it would be to receive an owl, even if that owl was a few years late.

4. Long Hair

One of the things I missed most when my hair was short was that I couldn't put it up in braids. Tying it up in a pony tail was even impossible at certain points in time (my hair has been amazingly short during some parts of my adulthood). I love having my hair in French braids or pig tails, but I haven't had a chance to try any of these yet. Although my hair might need to be a little bit longer to have them look right, some of my layers are still a bit short.

5. Breakfast

While I know it's obvious that this is meant as a meal for two, I would still have a fit of ecstacy if this was my breakfast on glorious morning. Just look at that tray. Take it all in: eggs (in adorable little cups no less!), coffee/tea AND hot cocoa, strawberries, cheese, and holy-mother-of-all-that-is-carbs bread. I think half of what makes it so lovely is the presentation. Everything already looks so delicious, and you do feast first with your eyes right? I'm getting hungry just writing this. Yummy.

6. Geekery

Okay, so I'm not a math geek by any stretch of the imagination, but this clock is seriously amazing. I love that they used graph paper and old school white board markers (or is that a Sharpie?). It's so wonderful and silly and great. The biggest question now is whether some ingenious person made this by hand or if I can buy it somewhere so that the incredible geekery of this time piece might be mine as well.

7. Adorable Space Heaters

How cute is this?! No really -- HOW CUTE IS THIS?? It's a piggy space heater! Just stop for a moment and let that sink in. How much cuter would your house be with this little guy there to keep you warm and toasty? Just imagine -- it's a cold and blustery day, you are cuddled on your favorite chair/couch with maybe a blanket and a warm drink in your hands. Then you casually reach over to turn on your little piggy and smile because of how adorable it is. Space Heating Piggy is the perfect company to keep during the colder months. Every person in Iceland and Norway should own one.

8. Fishies

Betta fish make me lament my inability to keep and sustain aquatic life. I'm like Darla from Finding Nemo, except I don't shake the bag. i just put them in the tank and within a matter of days every fish I have owned has decided that the toilet bowl was a better place than my house. I really wish I could keep them alive though. Betta fish are so stunning. Especially the crowntail Bettas. Maybe Alex will have better luck keeping a fish alive. We can get a fish, right Alex?

9. The Magic of Disney

Oh, this picture. This picture makes me miss Disneyland/world. It also makes me giggle like a small child hyped up on a bucket full of skittles. I haven't been to Disneyland since I was a little kid (and I've never been to Disneyworld. A tragedy, I know). I can't help but wonder whether or not the magic is still there after all this time. I hope it is, I hope I can share that with my own kids. Well. I suppose if Mickey doesn't cut it anymore I can always make a hop skip and a jump to Harry Potter World. They have butterbeer.

10. Bubbles!!

Bubbles are awesome. They just are. This video is proof of that. Gigantic, amazing, and effervescent as they float by. There's sometihng really beautiful and enchanting about bubbles. They only last for a few moments before disappearing, but for some reason those few moments are all it takes to make anyone watching (or blowing) bubbles to suddenly feel like a joyous child again.


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  1. Anonymous
    August 23, 2012 at 4:35 AM

    you can find those chocolate bars in Romania under the name of Dots and they`re filled with "branza" (curd) also it`s popular in poland austria russia japan. not a rarity and not exclusively hungarian


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