Spring Carnival

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Every spring just before Easter Norman does what is called Kick Butts Day, which is a city event that campaigns against smoking while offering a positive environment for children to play in. This year they had an egg hunt, bounce houses, snow cones, pizza, and popcorn free to the public. They also had a live DJ playing some pretty nifty tunes while explaining the hazards of smoking.

This is the first year that I have taken Kael to the spring carnival. He had an absolute blast! I'm so glad his pre-school teachers handed out the flyer about this event, or we would have missed out on it again! There really is a lot that happens in Norman, especially in the warmer months, but far too often the events are properly publicized.

They had the egg hunts broken into age groups. Good thinking. Six year olds and two year olds competing for the same plastic egg very well might end in tragedy and violence.

It was still definitely a mad dash, though. Kael managed to find four eggs before they were all stuffed into baskets and buckets. I can't say I mind too much, the kid is plenty hyper without all the extra sugar. Regardless of how many eggs in his bag, Kael found the experience exhilarating.

But the most popular had to have been the bounce houses. Most specifically the slide bounce house.

I am not exaggerating when I say Kael spent over an hour running up those plastic stairs, bounding down that slide and then running all the way to the back of the line again. And every single time he was nearly bursting with glee. The magic of the bounce house refused to be diminished.

The carnival also offered some very insightful advice along with its shenanigans:

Kael agrees. We hope you do too.


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  1. kat
    May 8, 2011 at 2:24 PM

    i get to lol about this and tell no one why i find it funny


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