Shark vs. Train

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I'm still sicker than a dog (a two hour visit to urgent care earlier today verified that I still have a sinus and ear infection and I now have an exceedingly awful bronchial infection to boot!). I'm on new medications and with any luck that will help me heal up a bit faster. There's nothing worse than being so sick you can't even leave the house. Kael is feeling a little under the weather, too. But thankfully it's nothing near as bad as what my body is fighting off.

But!! On a happier note, this week Kael's daycare was holding a book fair! Does anyone else remember book fairs? I always thought they were so awesome. Rows of brand new books in bright colors. Books about alligators playing piano and books about a little mouse who wants to dance ballet. Books about making things and books about how things are made. It was like the carnival had come to town.

It drove me nuts for my Mom to tell me, "You can pick one book." One book?! Out of these millions of amazing new things I can read?! It was so unfair! Of course I would eventually pick one and spend the next week pouring over the pictures and words.

How could I not let Kael experience that, too?

Kael went through the same phenomenon I did as a child. Which book to pick? There were so many! It's not an easy choice for a four-year-old to make. It's not an easy choice for any person, come to think of it (have you ever seen adults meandering about Barnes & Noble for hours on end? I rest my case).

Hmmmm. Maybe the Dr. Seuss book about super awesome reptiles? It has alligators in it! And it even explains how they lay their eggs!

Wait. I think we might have a contender. This book is about a shark and a train competing against one another. Who can ride a space ship the best or fight on a tigh rope better? These are serious questions that Shark vs. Train answers. Kael was entralled.

Frankly, I was a bit amazed myself. It was really a nifty book.

And it came home with us!! Kael is currently sitting on the living room floor turning page after page and describing in detail each imaginative competition. Whoever thought of this book was a genious. I would have never thought in a million years of a shark and a train playing basketball.

I love book fairs.


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