Ten things I love Sunday!

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I almost forgot to do this again! Better late than never, right? Apologies if it looks a little sloppy, I am chasing around a very hyper four-year-old whilst combating a weather-induced flare up. At least I have a nice mug of roobios tea to keep me company and my list of ten wonderful things.


1. He Has Risen!

No matter what, this will always be something that I love. Love isn't even the right word. Gratitude? Humility? Reverence? I have such a strong and unspeakable surge of emotion when I think of the sacrifice Christ made for us. For sinners who are so undeserving. How great a love He has that He would give His life for my soul. My tarnished, small, insignificant soul. I love you, Lord. And I love today.

2. Books

I love books. But especially I love old books. Books that people wrote notes int he margins about, ones that were published a hundred years back and have that fragile feel to them. You want to be delicate with them, because books don't always live that long, especially now with the worlds library available online and elsewhere.

3. Toasters

This super awesome do-dad is from Think Geek. How awesome would it be for your own toast to say "bite me" on it? Pretty awesome, I say. Let's not forget that the toaster itself is pretty darn cute, even without the pop art designs.

4. Fondue

Fondue is awesome. Dunking pieces of food in other melted food with sticks -- genious! But I particularly love this idea. Adding in sprinkles and other delectables just makes it so much more fun. I would totally throw a fondue party just to use the colorful sprinkles. I'm actually making myself hungry looking at this picture...

5. Bicycles

Okay, so it may not be the most FUNCTIONAL bike out there, but this idea is so neat. I would love to have an "Alisha" bike in bright teal (unless I decide to name my bikes like I name everything else, then there might be a problem...). I can't wait until these guys finish their prototypes, because I would totally be buying one.

6. Bookshelves

It's a tree! It's a bookshelf! No, it's both! True, you can't hold as much on one of these tree but the idea is still so cute. I could see us having one for Kael's bedroom to stack all of his Dr. Seuss books. And, maybe one for the living room too.

7. The People In Books

I wish I had thought of this! The idea is a collection of characters from famous books (check it -- GRYFFINDOR!) who strive to stay in the real world. Photos of different fairy tale characters getting sucked into their respective titles. The series itself is called “Get Back In Your Book” is a series of photos done by Lissy Laricchia.

8. Starfleet

I wish I knew who had designed these shoes. The geek in me is having a complete fit about them. They're Starfleet Academy heels!!! Although I am a little bit concerned about them being red. Red is not a good color for Starfleet. Maybe I can swap them out for Pavel yellow or McCoy blue...

9. Bounce House

I have no words for this other that it is awesome. And that I am wondering how they hang pictures on the wall.

10. Spoons

Why are all the cute things on the internet?? I love this idea so much. And I love that the spoons are different sizes and from completely different sets. It's the same way with people; two completely different sets come together and they share their lives with each other. Ice cream included.


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  1. Fully Lugged
    April 24, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    I'm looking forward to seeing you on one of our Bike Club beginner rides soon :)


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