It's like taking home a baby

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Let me start off this post my saying that I love Katy. I really do. She is my go-to girl for just about everything and I am so thankful we shared that silly communications class in college or else I may have never met her.

Katy is like me in a lot of ways. She gets excited about life, even the smaller parts of it. It's why I love spending time with her (or at least one of the reasons). She will get just as jubliant about the half off Hobby Lobby yarn as I will and finds the idea of thrift store shopping to be a dream come true. We can gush about how great cooking is, and how wonderful good food can be. If either of us has a problem or needs help we know the other is only a phone call away.

If I had a sister I would pick her.

This blog post is getting wonderfully off topic. Whoops.

You see, on Wednesday Katy and I went back to David's Bridal (and also made a quick stop at P.F. Chang's to eat incredible lettuce wraps, scallops, and curry. Yum!). My dress had been sent in to be altered and I'd finally received the phone call on Monday that it was ready. Naturally, Katy had to come. She's my maid of honor -- it's kind of in the job description.

Besides, someone at the wedding needs to know how to bustle this thing.

It was so bizarre, though, putting on the dress and realizing that it's mine. That the next time I am zipped into it I'll be getting married. That fact hit me on Wednesday and it felt so surreal. I knew I was buying it, I knew it was a wedding dress, but it still was shocking to carry it out of the store and realize I owned it now. I was given responsibility over this glamorous gorgeous piece of clothing -- it's something I still haven't fully wrapped my mind around.

I love that I got to share all of this with her. She's been to all of my fittings and trial runs for finding a dress. She's been there for just about everything, actually. When I look at everything that's been accomplished thus far and try to imagine her not helping me I experience this slowly growing panic in my chest -- because there is no way I could do it. I need Katy. Not just for my wedding, but as someone I can go to for anything that pops into my silly head. I need her.

I know she will be there for me, just like I am there for her.



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