Sick sick sick!

Posted on | Tuesday, April 12, 2011 | No Comments

Why is it so easy to take good health for granted? Last week I thought I just had a bout of bad allergies and shrugged it off. Then Sunday afternoon my voice quit. And Monday the nausea and razor blades in my throat hit. Ugh! STOP! STOP IT!! You DAMN ILLNESS!!! Let me get better! It's too pretty outside for me to be stuck indoors!!

I slept fifteen HOURS yesterday and it's done squat. I'm high-tailing it to urget care this afternoon to find out if this is just a bug or if I've magically contracted something far more foul. Obviously I am voting for the former rather than the latter.

On a plus side, I am borrowing Tangled from my neighbor. Have I mentioned I love Disney movies? Because I seriously love Disney movies (Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty were my favorite movies for about a decade). Pixar is one of the best pick me ups for sick pretend grown-ups like myself. Along with a bowl of hot soup and some strong tea doused with honey.



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