Where am I going?

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Last week the campus I work at was having a transfer fair. A bunch of colleges and universities came and set up tables so they could explain to students why they were the best choice for one's academic career.

Which led me to asking, where am I going in the next few years?

I have an associates already, I graduated cum laude, but I still don't know where I want to be in five or ten years. Do I want to go back to college and pursue a bachelors degree? Most certainly. Do I know what I want to study? Not really.

Nursing and health sciences interest me. I excel in oncology, having spent several months interning in both gyn-onc and pediatric oncology and after graduation working in hematologic oncology I know I could spend my life doing it. But could I do that phsyically? Doubtful. During interships for my degree my body would give out on me while assisting patients. That isn't acceptable for me, no matter how much good I can do with or for a person. If my body fails them then I have failed them.

I do know that I'd want to help people, regardless of the path I choose, but that still leaves an array of degrees and career fields.

I've considered social work periodically. But I don't feel the passion for that like I do for medicine. I fear I would be burned out from the constant and unceasing number of people who need help or worse, those who refuse to help themselves.

I could get a degree in community sciences, maybe become an advocate for patient health. Maybe be a nutritionist (if I could get through at least a masters program so that my degree wouldn't just be a pretty piece of paper) or a dietician and help people live healthier lives. Maybe I could get a degree in health administration and be a head honcho at a clinic or hospital. Maybe I can become a lingustic anthropologist like I dreamed about in high school.

One of these things is not like the other.

Regardless, that's a lot of "maybe"s and not a lot of answers.

Perhaps I should just throw that all out the window and lable myself as a Life Coach. The world needs lots of those, right? Is there a degree for that?



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