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I received an email earlier this week that had me bouncing to the moon:

Dear Alisha,

Thank you for choosing David's Bridal! We are delighted to inform you that your special order item(s) listed below have arrived and are available to pick up. We kindly ask that you stop by the David's Bridal where your order was placed to pick up your item(s).

Since I am leaving tomorrow for Alabama I figured that it would be wisest to come in today and be fitted, especially since the latter part of the email tactfully stated that after 14 days they would no longer be able to hold my dress. It would be a tragedy to have them re-ship my dress, especially since I'm working on a deadline!

<--more!-->It made me super happy that the dress still fit; I've been eating horribly (remember those cupcakes for dinner?) and not taking very good care of myself as of late. I would hate to have to let out my dress only to take it in again a month later! Luckily the dress I have hugs my ribs perfectly, so even if it doesn't quite fit the other bits and pieces just so I know that the sizing is right.

I can't exactly shrink my ribs, after all.

The hem needed to be taken in a bit, the bust altered, and a bustle made. I felt a bit like a pin cushion by the end of it. A very jubliant pin cushion. Thankfully the seamstress was very good at what she did and none of those pins stuck into anything other than the fabric.

Getting the dress off was a bit of a challenge. Katy was there to help me, which was a relief. Although I think I may have been sctrached in a few places my errant pins. The dress should be ready in about a month, then I can do my second alteration if needed. It's starting to get really exciting, all the big things that go with a wedding are starting to happen -- the dress, the catering, the venues. Eeee!!

Also, while I was there I realized that the colors we had picked for the wedding party (Lapis and Cornflower) looked hideous together. Truly monstrous. Actually, most colors clashed rather violently with Cornflower, which so happened to be the color Alex picked out for his vest. And it also so happened that his vest matches the tie Bruce (his Dad) wore to his own wedding, which Alex wants to wear to ours.

So the search was on to find a color that meshed with Cornflower. We were torn between "Truffle", "Mermaid", and "Sunbeam" for a few minutes. Ultimately, Sunbeam won. It made Cornflower pop and enchanced the colors versus dampening them.

It helps that I really like the color yellow. It's so bright and happy. It makes me feel like smiling just by looking at it. So why not incorporate said color into the wedding? Plus, Alex loves yellow, too. Everyone wins!

(As a side note, the yellow was not this bright in person. It's definitely gorgeous in the picture, but at the store it had a more muted hue.)

Right. Now to get off the computer and pack for Alabama (and take my last midterm for the semester)! If you don't hear from me for a week or more don't panic. I'm just enjoying the warmer weather and valued time with the almost-husband.



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