Sorry, Sebastian.

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This week has been rather interesting. I had the joy of experiencing food poisoning (although it could have been a flu virus), Hannah had her baby (yay!!), Katy went to Florida, and midterms befell the college campus. I have had several blog entries in the works, but there simply hasn't been time to post anything.


Today Katy came back from Florida and Kael and I were going to pick her up at the airport. Just as we were heading out Mom came by unexpectedly. She offered to watch Kael for a little while. So Katy and I had the chance to visit and have a fantastic lunch. A truly fantastic lunch, I say.

I forgot -- again -- to bring my camera with me. My cell phone camera is finally making use of itself at least!

We went to Joe's Crab Shack for our celebratory lunch. For anyone wondering, Joe's is incredible. They serve mostly shellfish; things like crab, lobster, oysters, mussels and all of it is delectable. For a person like me who really enjoys good seafood while trapped in a landlocked state it was wonderful.

It was even better because Katy was there. Check out Katy's tan. That's a Florida tan right there.

Mussels. In white wine, garlic, and butter sauce. Yuuuum. And check out our bibs. You wish your food required bibs.

Holy freakin' steam pot, Batman. Crab, lobster claws, oysters, a sausage, and corn on the cob. Have I mentioned that my steam pot has Samuel Adams in it? Because it totally did.

See? Lobster claaaaaw. Although I was peeved that they were soft shell and therefore had puny amounts of meat. Still delicious, but definitely a disappointment. Also, Katy is really pretty.

Oh, and we had key lime pie for dessert. This thing was the size of my HEAD. And tasted like heaven if heaven were made of citrus and old-fashioned whipped cream topping. We split it and still had left overs to take home.

Which will be fully devoured before the night is through.

Man, I missed Katy.


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  1. Dorothy
    March 5, 2011 at 8:44 PM

    Is that a lowcountry boil I spy?! Child, you need to get yo'sef down to Savannah. We'll find you an oyster roast and/or lowcountry boil and have a grand time.


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