Ten things I love Sunday!

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This post is a little late by my average blogging standards (but it's still Sunday, so it counts right?). It's been a busy day here in Alabama. It's been a busy past few days, actually. I'm truthfully amazed by the amount of stuff that can be fit into such a small period of time. I have easily five blog posts waiting, but that's what happens when you have an epic vacation with your soon-to-be husband.

1. Beautiful Days

I don't know what the weather is like in Oklahoma right now, but in Alabama it's been absolutely spectacular. There doesn't need to be many reasons not to love this kind of weather. Seriously.

2. Lush Cosmetics

Lush bath bombs, specifically. This one is called "Christmas Party". I have a gift card from Lush that I really want to use but I have been terrified of wasting the money only to find out that it's something I would never use. I adore their "Squeaky Green" shampoo bar, and now I am sold on bath bombs. My skin feels fabulous. Too bad my bath tub at home is so tiny.

3. Church

I was extremely nervous (and excited) about attending church today. While I have been watching the services online for some times, it's entirely different to be there in person. And to have everyone know you before you know them. But Steve gave a sermon today that truly touched my heart and has left me with thoughts and prayers I hadn't considered before. It makes me feel so blessed.

4. Wedding Things

Earlier today Alex and I spent about two hours strolling about Target and zapping various pieces of cutlery, furniture, and other domestic items. Call me silly, but it was so exciting to pick out items that could hypothetically fill our house in less than six months. Less than six months! However, I would like to know why we have onesies on our registery when we didn't scan a single baby item. Jumping the gun a bit aren't we, Target?

5. Spring Forward

Although it's a bit off-putting to wake up and it be 8:00am instead of 7:00am, it suppose having more daylight in which to do things is worth the loss of sleep. Maybe I didn't feel like I lost an extra hour, but we're just going to pretend I did.

6.Family Rules

I want this sign in the living room of my house. It's is so fantastically true. And it is worth being reminded of every single day. Although I would probably go with a color besides burnt orange.

7. Kitty

I love cats. I seriously do. When I found out how allergic Kael was to felines I was a little sad inside. Looking at this picture makes my heart super happy, though. I mean, it's a kitty. With a magical fur heart. You can't get much better than that. Unless of course you found a hypoallergenic cat.

8. Slide

This picture doesn't even need words. Look at the guy's face. The highlight of his day is climbing up the stairs because he knows he'll get to go down the best slide ever. I wonder how hard it would be to have one of these built into my house...

9. Having Fun

I really hope that when I am older I am as joyful and jubliant as these lovely ladies were. I love everything about this picture. I truly do.

10. Cake

I have discovered a correlation between technicolored foods and deliciousness. Somehow when food is given rainbow colors the number of people who want to eat it multiplies by ten. Don't believe me? Take some rainbow cupcakes and some vanilla cupcakes to a bake sale. See which on sells more.



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