Ten things I love Sunday!

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Okay, so this is a day late. Yesterday was the last full day I was going to spend with Alex while here and I could not willingly spend more that fifteen minutes piddling around on my laptop when he was sitting right next to me. Besides, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL this week. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm taking bets that Oklahoma will be purposefully cold this evening just to spite me.

This list of ten things will likely have more to do with my stay in Alabama than the random cute things I find online when I have nothing else to do I hope my darling readership won't mind.

1. Spring Has Sprung

It's been coming for a few weeks now. Buds popping up all over trees and new greenery sprouting from the earth. But in the past week especially it's errupted. Spring has exploded all over and the world is suddenly vibrant and bright and colorful. Well, at least here in Alabama it is. I'm not too sure how Oklahoma is fairing, but I can readily assume it will be spring-like, albeit a few degrees colder.

2. Bruster's

So *technically* this isn't Bruster's ice cream. But it looks like it could be! I'd never been to Brusters before this week, but I have to admit I'm officially hooked. Their ice cream tastes phenomenal, and with the aformentioned warmer weather that we've been experiencing it is definitely a timely treat. I am in love with their 'Cake Batter' and 'White Turtle' flavors. An intervention might be needed once I move here.

3. Less Internet

The internet is one of those things that you don't really realize you use all the time until you don't. I've spent maybe a quarter of the time I normally do online, and that's mostly to check my email and to make sure that Facebook hasn't burst into flames. But as I look back on this week I have to admit, shutting off my laptop and ditching the internet (at least somewhat) has been liberating. Alex and I have mentioned consolidating our two laptops into one desktop when we move into a house, and I'm beginning to really love the idea.

4. Sleep
Add 1 part Mommy, 1 part Student, 1 part Employee. Add a heaping tablespoon of insomnia and a dash of FMS to taste. Mix well and bake for two hours. That's basically me, on a daily routine. Mininmal sleep and leaning to the side of grouchy. It has been so delightful this week to sleep. To just sleep. And get up when I feel like it. I didn't value this nearly enough before I became a mother. Now? It's like a miracle.

5. Coffee

If you know me you know I love coffee. It's my "thing". I'm a bit picky about my coffee, too. I don't want to spend my money (or my time) on a cup of joe that leaves me unsatisfied. I'm normally a Starbucks girl. Skinny caramel macchiato, maybe a toffee nut mocha. Alex took me to a new coffee shop this week that's here in Prattville, House of Java. It has dethroned Starbucks in the best possible way. The only downer is that there isn't one in Oklahoma. Which means I have to be unsatisfied with Starbucks until this summer. C'est la vie.

6. Being Outside
See my first loved thing this week. Beautiful weather and being outside go hand in hand, it seems. Going to parks, taking nice leisurely strolls, sitting outside with a good drink and a book. Things we wouldn't do if the weather were dreary or cold. And it's so nice to be able to step outside barefoot and not want to run back into the house. It's like the seasonal bout of cabin fever has finally ended.

7. Bicycles
Laugh if you wish, but I never really learned how to ride a bike growing up. And as an adult I've usually had a small child around preventing me from practicing very much. Not to mention that bicycles are rather expensive for a college student budget. But! This past week I put all of that aside and rode a bike! I may have been screeching like a banshee and partially crashed, but I did it! I'm excited about this summer when I move here and I can legitimately practice (and hopefully crash less), even though it was a bit scary it was really fun, too.

8. Happy Thoughts
This is one of those things that needs to be printed and put all around my house. I've been sad the past few days because I am going back to Oklahoma today, but this is a great reminder. I deserve to be happy. And so I'm gonna be.
9. Cupcakes
First off, don't these things look absolutely scrumptious?! I love them. Like little bursts of happy that we get to eat -- or whoever was near this photographer, at least. But it leads me to another happy thing from this week. Donna's cupcakes. Donna is a friend from church (who I still need to add of Facebook, whoops) who has offered to make our cupcakes for the wedding. They are INCREDIBLE. Donna, if you ever read this open a bakery, I will buy things from you daily!
10. Animal Pajamas
Okay, I know these are expensive but OMG I WANT THEM. The panda bear and the chipmunk make me do that hand-flaily thing because the are so cute and they look so incredibly COMFY. I mean look at them! Super comfy adult animal pajamas! How can you NOT love this?!

Okay, not I need to pack. I've spent a biiiiit too long blogging and I have clothes strewn all across the floor. Eek!



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