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Last night was quite honestly one of the best nights ever. Nevermind the crazy rain storm and the nail polish fiasco (possibly more on that later), it easily breached the Top 5 List of "Most Enjoyable Nights With Super-Awesome People". I'd never been to P.F. Chang's China Bistro, which Mallory and Alex did not realize when the reservations were made. I have to say, I am very appreciative of their choice in cuisine.

I had never met Mallory in person before last night. I have talked to her on the semi-regular basis via Facebook, but that is definitely not the same thing. Secretly I was a little bit nervous meeting her -- although in hindsight that seems a bit silly -- but we got along smashingly. And she was more than happy to be mentioned on my blog. Win, win!

Alex has grown accustomed to having many, many pictures taken of him. Which is a good thing since he's marrying me and all.

Both Mallory and Alex ordered dishes with chicken as the main course. I was a bit baffled by what to get intially, everything sounded truly spectacular. However, one dish caught my eye. The 'VIP Duck'. I've never tried duck before, but I have wanted to for some time. So, why not?

It tasted incredible. It had a slightly gamey taste to it, but that added to the flavor more than anything. And it was seasoned and covered with a sauce that was delectable. Alex tried a bite and said he liked it, too. Yay!

There definitely some left overs, which I am more than happy to eat for lunch/dinner today.

Have I mentioned they have a dessert tray? And that all of these are actually fake desserts made of plastic? Can you believe it? Because I couldn't. Alex and I split an enormous chocolate cake with fresh fruit and raspberry dizzle. The fruit makes it healthy, right?

We didn't finish eating until close to 10pm. Logically the next step was to go out for coffee for the next two hours. Since 90% of store and restaurants were already closed we ended up at Waffle House. Because that's what all the awesome people do after eating an incredible meal.

See? Awesome people. I rest my case.



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