Baby, baby, baby, oooh!

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One of the particularly awesome things about coming back to Alabama is being able to see old friends again. Most of my friends from four (or more) years ago have moved on to bigger, better, and far different things -- as to be expected -- but there are a handful of people that I am thankful to say are still considered best friends. You know, the people that you can not see then for five years and within a matter of seconds of seeing each other it's like those years never happened.

Chelsea is one of those amazing friends. I haven't seen her since 2007 but within a matter of minutes we were catching up like nothing had happened. Both of our lives have changed in the best possible way; we're both Mommys to wonderful children (her daughter Layla is so freaking cute!), we've found awesome guys to spend our lives with, and we have both outgrown being die-hard goths.

Just don't tell our parents that last part.

Layla didn't entirely know what to make of me or Alex. We were cooing over her and within a matter of moments her face crumpled in the most adorable way ever. We weren't Mommy and therefore we had no reason to be cuddling her or telling her how pretty she was.

Although Alex did magically coerce Layla into playing with him after about half an hour. It was simple really, he took apart her play floor and played with a hair brush. Suddenly he was the best thing ever.

Note the piece of floor in her adorable baby hands. It was apparently the best chew toy ever.

I was sad to leave for the night, even though I am planning to come back and see her again before I fly back to Oklahoma. Although I realized the moment Alex and I got home that I had left my purse at her house. It was just an excuse to give her another hug, but don't tell anyone I told you that.



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