Saving boobs is what we do

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Yesterday I met with Hannah for the Susan Komen's Race for the Cure in downtown Oklahoma City. It was really fun and a great way to spend the morning. Well, minus the 35 minute fight to find parking at Bass Pro Shop in which a truck towing a boat nearly totaled three cars including mine (people cannot drive in large crowds, holy crap). Thankfully the rest of the day didn't involve automobiles and was exceptionally wonderful.

We did the untimed 5k along with her brother, sister and her sister's boyfriend. Kael chilled in the stroller for most of the trek but he did walk for about half a mile. My legs have been aching since last night but it was great to spend the day with her and Kael while doing something for a good cause in the process. :)

And it shouldn't be surprising by now, I took a bunch of pictures!

Everyone was getting ready for the race to begin. I had to hunt down Hannah since she go there before me and didn't know if we were walking together. Sillypants. Thankfully she called me and waited for Kael and I to catch up with her about 1/8 of a mile into the race.

This guy's wig was the greatest thing ever. I want one just like it.

Who has bagpipes at their race? We do!

Hannah and I looking a little winded. Give us some slack, I'm chubby and she's pregnant. Valid excuses are valid.

Roller derby for the cure!

The man riding the bike was made of pure awesomeness. Due to polio he wears leg braces, so he fashioned a bike that enabled him to pedal with his hands so that he could race (and I assume do other athletic activities). Major respect and props.

Like I said earlier, Kael spent most of the 5k cruising in his stroller, however he did spend a bit of it helping us push the stroller too. :)

Almost there...


Tired but accomplished!


And balloon!




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