Of course hats and cooking go together!

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I had another impromptu date with Katy. Instead of having another cook for us we opted to cook for ourselves. This involved an epic trip to Homeland (holy crap I love their food selection, why have I not shopped there before?!) in which we procured two butternut squash, a container of mozzarella balls, a box of whole wheat penne pasta, and a ridiculous amount of tomatoes parsley and onion.

From this we made what can best be described as a "rustic Italian pasta salad" with baked butternut squash for dessert. I had never had butternut which both shocked Katy and made her all that more enthusiastic about rectifying my lack of such a culinary experience. I am now a fan of winter squash. And rustic pasta dishes.

I've been kicking myself mentally every five minutes for not bringing my camera. I would have loved to take pictures of us chopping up parsley and tomatoes, or how scrumptious the butternut looked immediately after leaving the oven. The whole afternoon seems less impressive without pictures, but I promise copious amounts of giggling and silliness was had.

To make up for it I came back to the house that evening and Katy crocheted me a purse and promised to teach me. Because I need another hobby, of course.

The crocheting queen herself.

Box o' hats. Much amusement was had by all. For those interested Katy crocheted every hat in this box. Apparently she had a lot of time on her hands last fall and this was the result.

Don't worry, we're always this ridiculous.



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