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Well, almost. In three days (if we really want to be technical two and a half days) he will be. It seems ridiculous to think that my little boy is THAT grown up. When did this happen? He went from being a squishy one-year-old to this little person who has his own personality and ideas. Looking back it seems impossible but then I have photographic evidence that says otherwise:

First Birthday --

Second --

Third --

Today had the potential to be awful. It stormed all day and was freezing cold with wind and rain that exemplified such wonderful meteorological occurrences. There were several guest list fiascoes followed by half of the RSVPs for Kael's party not showing up. And I felt like I had been tossed in a burlap sack and beaten by gnomes. Believe me it is not a good feeling. But we had a cake and Kael was more than ready to spend a day of fun at at the Orr Family Farm. He had a blast.

Pony rides, petting zoo, train ride, a carousel, cake and pizza. What was there not to love!

It was unbelievably cold. And windy. Thank goodness that didn't stop us. Forewarning. There are a ridiculous amount of pictures behind the link. Can you blame me? Kids only turn four once!

This is Brittany, she was our party coordinator and absolutely wonderful. Even though she had spent most of the day outside in the cold rain she never stopped smiling and always made sure Kael was having a good time. I think Kael might have been momentarily smitten with her.

Pony riding before the party!

And carousel riding, too! It's a great time waster while waiting for people to arrive.

Katy arrived along with her Mom (Renee) and her younger brother (Carter). They brought galoshes for Kael! Can I just say that little children in galoshes makes my heart want to explode from cuteness?

See?! And as an added bonus whenever we are out in rainy weather I just need to look for yellow feet!

Once we were sure that no one else was coming it was off to the petting zoo.

Plastic cow with rubber udders. Either none of us know how to milk a cow right or old Bessie's done gone dry.

Kael really enjoyed petting the animals. Except for the goats. Though who can blame him? Having pointy goat horns within jabbing distance of one's torso would be scary for anyone. Besides, they kept nibbling at our shoes.

We also got to feed the animals! Although Brittany warned us to be careful around the llama since he had been spitting earlier that day. But the goats were more than happy to get some lovin'.

There was also an animatronic pig that sang a podunk happy birthday song whilst playing his banjo. I am not exaggerating. The whole experience was reminiscent of Disneyland's Country Bear Jamboree. Everyone over the age of 10 had to fight not to laugh like a drunken hyena.

After the Podunk Pig Jamboree was the train ride around the farm!

Kael absolutely loves trains, but he had never ridden in one prior to today. He sat in silent mystified awe the entire time.

Then it was time for cake!

And pizza and presents!

We sang "Happy Birthday To You"

And then he blew out his birthday candle, All by himself!


And unwrapping the presents!

The suitcase if from his Great Grandma. We're going to Las Vegas this Christmas and now Kael can tote his own luggage! Whenever we travel he always tries to be in charge of tugging my suitcase across the airport, now he's got his very own!

Then it was time for goody bags. We had planned for about six or seven children to come and since only three did we let them pilfer through everything and pick what they wanted in their own bags. Apologizes to their parents for the candy-induced sugar high these kids will have.

Before we left we rode on the ponies one more time and had one more go around the carousel.

And one last carousel ride!


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  1. Anonymous
    October 23, 2010 at 10:28 PM

    Looks like you had loads of fun ;)

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    October 24, 2010 at 11:53 AM



  3. Anne
    October 24, 2010 at 6:51 PM

    Adorable golashes are adorable
    :-) Happy birthday to Kael!


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