Last minute changes

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I'm writing this with the Jedi Song from Weird Al Yankovic playing on repeat in my head. Please forgive any weirdness. We now may resume your regularly schedule blogging.

There have been a few changes in this season's Halloween costume line-up. Meaning, neither Kael nor I will be wearing what we had originally planned. As some of you may remember I was going to dress as Lucy Ricardo/Rosie the Riveter and Kael was going to be a pony. But then Katy, marvelous Katy, showed me her costume design as a lion tamer. That she was sewing herself. I drooled. I envied. And then she offered to make me my own costume and I bounced around Hancock Fabrics with ridiculous childlike glee.

I have hidden you in the dark until now as to what exactly I am going to be for Halloween. I figured this blog needed more suspense, although in hindsight a teaser picture or blog post likely would have helped. Oops. Let's just pretend I did that part.

The pattern says "Pirate"...

Although I think due to my giggly nature and the color scheme we went with I may have fallen short of the piratical look necessary for this costume. We are instead settling for "What Little Miss Muffet Would Look Like Had She Been Kidnapped By Captain Jack Sparrow". It's a little wordy, but I like it. Feel free to ignore the half-used roll of toilet paper and the random coat hanger in the background.

From the back. The costume is a two piece set. The over coat only goes to mid-thigh, but the under dress is a good three inches longer. Modesty. It is important when trick-or-treating with youngsters.

Speaking of youngsters. Kael decided about three days ago he vehemently did not want to be a horse. This is problematic since his costume is that of a pony. After spending two days trying to make him like the idea of being equine-esque I conceited to finding a new one. As luck would have it, we did find a new costume. And it was wonderfully discounted, which made this Mommy less annoyed at the last minute change in dress up plans.

So now instead of a "Pony Rider" Kael will be...

A "White Storm Ninja!"

Complete with ninja face mask and sword that goes to a completely different costume. He also has some super awesome ninja skills. Such as jumping like a toad across the living room and roaring like a savage lion. Ninjas do that, right?

See that? STEALTH. You'll never see him coming. Blink and all your candy are belong to us.

Watch out, Halloween. Here we come.


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  1. somethink.different
    October 30, 2010 at 2:28 PM

    OHMYGODSOCUTE. Both of you!


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