Eat, drink, and be scary.

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Once again Halloween has been 'moved' in the city I live in to accommodate for college football. While all other cities and towns in the metro area celebrate Halloween tonight, we are postponing it until tomorrow. Yes, I know that doesn't make any sense. This is Oklahoma, after all. It was still irritating to check the news and read trick-or-treating was to happen tonight, get our costumes on, drive to our favorite neighborhood and find not a single child in sight.

Growing up things like this just didn't happen. Halloween was never moved or postponed. It could be a Tuesday evening and raining cats and dogs, you still went out in your costume and got yourself a bag full of candy.

When did dressing up to get free candy get so complicated?

Thankfully I was smart enough to have a back-up plan. I knew that a church across town was having a Halloween bash tonight and so we high tailed it over there just in time for the festivities to begin. Honestly, I think Kael had more fun at the church's Family Fun Fest than he has trick-or-treating through labyrinthine streets. What neighborhood can really compete with a moon bounce, candy, AND a hacky sack the Goliath game?

Once we got Kael into the moon bounce there was no removing him. Luckily here were several other parents taking pictures of their rambunctious children and we were able to keep each other company.

Even Spiderman could not be dissuaded from the temptations of the moon bounce.

Meet the most adorable girl ever, version 1.0.

And version 2.0 for good measure! Seriously, I am a bit miffed I couldn't get better pictures of these girls. They were absolutely adorable in their tulle-inspired lady bug and bumble bee motifs.

Stealth ninja mode, activate. Now you see him...

Now you don't!

Once I finally cajoled Ninja-Kael out of the moon bounce (still not entirely certain how I managed that) it was off to the games. And of course, the candy. Lots and lots of candy.


Ring toss! Er, ring place? At least he was adorable while doing it and stayed still long enough for me to snap a decent picture.

Fishing for candy! The curtain kept chuckling. Then it blatantly guffawed when Kael asked if it was feeling okay and then blew it a kiss. I never knew curtains could have such a sense of humor!

Happy Ninja-Kael is happy. This is also a good time to say that photographing anything that is covered in white is much harder that I initially anticipated.

Goliath!! He's much shorter than I expected.

Ninja versus Goliath, the version the Bible didn't tell you about. Possibly because said ninja's able-bodied attempts to slay the behemoth equated to him only reaching Goliath's shoulder. With rice filled hacky sacks. Not to mention a ten foot tall giant is far less impressive than its biblical counterpart. Imaginative choice for weaponry, though.

(By the way, the Katy-made pirate costume was a super success. Although much itchier than expected. Oh, the things we do for costuming.)


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    EPIC KAEL IS EPIC!!!!!!!!



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