Happy birthday, Kael

Posted on | Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | No Comments

Today you are four.

You were born and the two miscarriages before you healed. You were a little miracle in the making, even if you didn't realize it. From seven months on it was twice a week visits to the hospital because my kidney's had begun to fail and my heart was working to keep up. I was told again and again that if any tests showed you were not doing well it would mean an emergency cesarean. Yet at every hospital visit you were bigger and stronger. My body was slowly falling apart and you were untouched somehow. I kept telling myself if you would keep going so would I.

11:11 am and you were born. You were perfect. Bright red and indignant at the world you had been unceremoniously welcomed to. I told you hello and you opened your eyes, because you knew that voice. You knew me.

You made me strong, Kael. Without realizing it you saved me. You've given me the strength to do things I never could have imagined accomplishing. I hope one day I can show you, but until then I will embrace every silly giggle-filled moment we have.

I love you my little man.



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