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Although my birthday was on Thursday my family and I celebrated today by going to Ted's Cafe Escondido. If you've never visited or lived in Oklahoma you probably have never heard of this place. It's one of those things that you have to live here to experience.

There's an interesting phenomenon with Ted's. It horribly popular even though there is nothing truly extraordinary about the restaurant. It's casual dining, you will look out of place in anything fancier than a nice shirt and jeans. Although I have to admit the tortillas and salsa would be a daily staple in my diet if I could get away with it. Some people say the restaurant is mostly hype, although regular patrons will disagree with this mentality. I can only assume such anti-patrons came expecting high cuisine, or traditional South-American dishes.

I'm not one of those people. I like my fajitas and margaritas. Blame it on my being a quarter Mexican.

Their margaritas are easily the size of my head. The delicious incredible thing on the bottom right is called a sopapilla. Pastry dough baked, then covered in a sugar-cinnamon concoction and drenched in honey. AMAZING. I wonder if I could find a recipe and try to make these bad boys at home. Hm.

Mom and Dusty brought a few presents for me to open. Kael was a great helper, even if he was avalanched by colored tissue paper. While I was opening my presents the servers dropped by, put a flamboyant blue sombrero upon my head, and sang to me their own version of 'Happy Birthday'. Sadly we didn't get pictures.

I got a bunch of cookware for my birthday! Yay! I was especially excited about my meat tenderizer if you can't tell.

Definitely a good belated birthday party.



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