It's obvious by now that I love food, right?

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Because, you know, I do.

Most specifically I love Good Food. This isn't to be confused with oil-drenched fries and cafeteria food. Good Food is when you bite into something and are so dumbfounded by the deliciousness unfolding in your mouth that there are no words that compare. I've lived in Oklahoma for three years and I still have a hard time finding Good Food, it's like finding a unicorn. A very expensive unicorn. Most of the menus I see for restaurants involve drowning food in butter and cheese, or over seasoning which means all you end up tasting is the powdered onion and paprika. Not all restaurants are like this of course (we do have chain restaurants like Cheddar's and Olive Garden), but they tend to be generic and lack that local feeling which makes Good Food good.

I'm weird, I know.

My friend Katy said she "knew a place" and we decided to have a semi-impromptu lunch date. After work we drove a few miles to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant called The Mediterranean Grill. It was the best thing ever. EVER. On the outside it looks like nothing. Absolutely boring. And then you try the food and it's like Ode to Joy suddenly begins to play in your mouth. Katy kept giggling at me because every couple of bites I would exclaim, "Oh my God! Oh God! This is incredible!" I was in HEAVEN.

There is definitely enough food for two people to share if you get an appetizer and one plate of food. We ordered falafel with tabouli for an appetizer and a beef shish kabob with grilled vegetables and dill rice (although you can also order saffron rice).

While we were waiting they brought us fresh warm pita bread with a side of tzadziki (the dish to the left) that I could have eaten all day. It was so delicious. The dish to the right is hummus, which was also wonderfully scrumptious. But the tzadziki was... it was perfect, I wanted to eat it out of the bowl. I am learning how to make tzadziki, it is going into the queue of recipes I must master along side sopapillas and boeuf bourguignon.

See that? Toe-curling delectability.

More food. Help.

When the falaffel came I nearly melted out of my chair. It was incredible. Hot, spicy, with a blend of flavors that melted perfectly together. I was literally wiggling with delight. My excitement over our appetizer made Katy laugh, although she wasn't quite enthusiastic enough to join me in my foodie-bliss. Nothing was overly greasy, and it was all freshly cooked and amazing. Have I said it was amazing?? It was amazing.

Then the kabobs came. Oh dear sweet God. I think my heart stopped for a few moments.

Does that not look incredible. Well, DOESN'T IT?

Don't be surprised that there weren't any left overs. Between Katy and I every last morsel was devoured with the utmost joy. I would have licked the plate clean if there weren't people watching. I should have anyway.

As we ate and enjoyed ourselves there was a constant stream of people coming in. With food this good even word of mouth alone should make them famous. It was so fantastic to go to a restaurant that served the dishes how they are supposed to be versus the Americanized grease covered take on them.

Katy and I agreed before we even left that every Tuesday would be a Mediterranean Grill Lunch Date so that we have a proper excuse to try every item on their menu. Have a mentioned they make their own Baklava? Good Food this incredible needs to be enjoyed on the regular basis.

Sooooo worth it.


2 Responses to “It's obvious by now that I love food, right?”

  1. terrarum
    September 29, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    That does look pretty damn amazing. There's six Turkish restaurants around my area (all walking distance), both fast-food style (delicious in the McDonalds kind of way) to higher quality proper sit-down restaurants, and those ones are soooo goooooood. Funny part is the food is the same price at both types.

  2. tehkoobz
    September 29, 2010 at 11:36 AM

    all I do is read and feed. bahaha lurve your blog. go do moar stuffs so I can read about it on the toilet.


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