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Alright, I have spent the past few days angry and whining and made of fail. You know what that means..


1. Autumn. I love it. It's slowly creeping in, and it's so wonderful. The days are getting noticeably cooler and I've noticed leaves beginning to change. I can't wait for the array of red gold and bronze. This morning driving to work the clouds were incredible. The sun caught them and it turned into a million colors streaking across the sky. It seems these sunrises only happen during autumn and I cherish them all the more because of it. The weather is perfect for going outside and now that Kael is feeling better(ish) we may finally have an opportunity to enjoy a day that is not sweltering beyond reason.

2. Food. I have been making delicious meals for the first time in a long while. I don't know what tipped me back into this urge to cook - fall, perhaps? I am happy to be back in the mindset of creating my own food again, I'd become so engrossed with boxed and frozen food I'd almost forgotten how rewarding it is to make things with my own two hands. The only thing that could make this better is if I had people to share this goodness with. Then I remind myself that soon enough we'll be a family of three and in the next few months I'll have plenty of events to cook for - Kael's fourth birthday, Thanksgiving, and New Years come to mind.

3. Christmas. It is official - we are going to Las Vegas for Christmas break! Me, Alex, Kael, my parents, and my Uncle and his children will be visiting with my Grandparents to celebrate their 50th anniversary. We will only be spending a day and a half in Las Vegas itself, but I am so incredibly excited. Neither I nor Kael has seen my Grandparents in three years and this will be the first time they meet Alex. What a wonderful way to spend the season!

4. Clutter. I'm getting rid of it and it feels great. Kael's school is having this huge Yard Sale to raise money for the school and I'm taking that as an opportunity to get rid of things around the house that are no longer needed, or never have been needed. I've gon through Kael's and my closets and donated our clothes to Goodwill and gave half of his unneeded clothing to his daycare. My mind feels so much calmer now that my house isn't swarming with stuff, clutter always makes me antsy and it's relaxing to be rid of it.

5. Coffee. I finally caved in and bought a coffee press. I've been using a stove top peculator since I moved into my own apartment, and now coffee from a regular carafe seems watered down to me. Sadly my peculator was on its last leg three months ago and I had been enduring metallic tasting coffee with a grimace. Now? I remember why I love coffee so much. It's the small things.

6. Kael. Even when this kid drives me nuts, he is the cutest, most loving and happy guy ever. I catch myself sometimes watching him, because I'm seeing the Man He Will Be. Little things he does, a strong stance with hands on his hips as he stares out the window. He serious expression as he helps to stir in the ingredients for dinner. He is growing, that soft center of infancy is hardening into the person he will be and it's incredible.

7. Alex. This is a big one. I don't think I spend enough time really understanding how lucky I am that serendipitous happenstances caused us to meet. He's made me laugh when I'm sad, called me when I am spitting fire and profanity, and reads me to sleep every night because it means I won't have another nightmare. He laughs at my childishness and joins me when I am being silly, yet we can sit for hours and talk about anything and everything. I love car rides with him because we never have to turn on the radio. I take for granted how great we have it, even with the ridiculous distance.

8. My life in general. I am so blessed. My life is amazing and rich and I couldn't be happier. ...Okay, I could be. If I magically was transported to Alabama with two big bags of cash and my besties moved in down the street I would probably explode with joy. But that would be messy.


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  1. Anonymous
    September 26, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    It was God's providence, not happenstance, that we met my love. Don't you forget who superglued us together :)


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