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It's so weird working at a college. All of my time is split into half-semesters, semesters, vacations... It makes time fly by. This is a good thing, but also shocking when all of a sudden I realize that the year is nearly over, like I did this morning. My birthday is tomorrow and in a month and some change my son will be four years old. Then right on the heels of our birthdays is Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can hardly believe it!

I should probably address the usage of this blog. There are so many big life changes coming up and I want to document them. I have had a livejournal account (under various names) for seven years so I figure it is time to start something new. I will still post in my private journal, but that is more for personal stuff. Here I am hoping to share inspiration, photos, experiments in cooking, things that make me happy, and commentary on the various happenings of life.

Here's to the new!



Photobucket I was born and raised in California. I have also lived in Hungary, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and I will be moving again this summer. Kael is my incredibly awesome kiddo who is growing up far too quickly, and Alex is my fiance who makes me happier than should be legally allowed. I write about them a lot. I'm mildly obsessed with cooking and photography. I write about those things, too.