Sugar, sugar

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As it is rather late, this might come out a tad bit disjointed, but somewhere in the recesses of my brain it seems logical to post about baking sugar cookies today so I have room to blog about icing them tomorrow.

Shush, my logic is not your logic.

Either way, the sugar cookies were a success! A rather yummy success I might add. Although there were several moments of panic on my part as I questioned whether or not baking sugar cookies without my Grandmother's guidance was a good idea. I also thought more than once, "Oh God, oh God, I ruined them! I don't know what I did but I --- oh wait, never mind. It's okay."

We/I used the Joy of Baking cookie recipe. Joy is my go-to gal for all things doused in flour and delicious. If you ever need inspiration check her out. Or Bakerella. She's fab too. And her cake pops are friggin' adorable.

Anyways. Cookies! This was the trial run for my brand new mixer, and I must say it did the job nicely. And it was far easier (and less messy) than mixing by hand. Hooray! Although trying to figure out how to properly cream butter without a hand whisk was a definite learning experience.

Two sticks of butter, one cup of sugar. "Mix until fluffy." So far so good.

Add two large eggs and a tablespoon of vanilla extract, incorporate thoroughly.
Next add three cups of all purpose flour. Oh. And be sure to turn off the mixer when you add said dry ingredients. Unless you like breathing in flour. I've heard it's a hobby in Belgium.

Continue mixing until the dough is "smooth." Neither Alex nor I knew what smooth dough would look like, so we assumed after about four minutes it was okay. Looked dough-y enough.

Yay-face. After the dough is finished split it half and cover in plastic wrap. Let it chill in the fridge for at least three hours, we left ours overnight since the idea of making sugar cookies at three in the morning didn't compel us to action.

It's tomorrow! By the way, rolling out cold dough? A teeeeny bit difficult to the inexperienced baker. If Kael weren't present I would have likely cursed it's delicious existence.

Kael helped to make the dough smooth, albeit with his hands. It's how the real bakers do it. Or something. He's a culinary expert in training.

He was very excited about making cookies. Sometimes he would smoosh a cookie cutter into the dough when we weren't looking.

Into the oven goes the cookie dough...
.... And out comes the cookies!

In the morning we will icing them (Is that even correct verb/word usage? Eh, I'm tired. I'm going with it) and will be on a near-constant sugar high for the evening. I am excite. There will be even more pictures. Though hopefully not blogged about at midnight again. I like my beauty sleep.


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  1. --Sharon
    November 27, 2010 at 12:56 AM

    They look PERFECT!!!


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