And this bird you cannot change

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I do believe yesterday was the most epic lunch date I have ever had. There were burritos. And music. And the creation of facial hair out of tin foil.

It was incredible.

Hannah Katy and I went to Freedbirds. To anyone who has never been to a Freebirds it appears to be just a hippy-esque restaurant that makes burritos. It is not. These are the best burritos I have ever tasted. Akin to culinary Mecca. They are delicious. Enormous. Phenomenal.

What about Moe's or Qdoba, I hear you ask? Ha. Don't be hornswoggled by such imitators who aspire to rise to the challenge laid down by this venerable chain. Regardless of whether you choose steak, chicken or vegetarian it will satiate your appetite. The spinach tortillas are scrumptious. And the cayenne pack a delicious punch if you wish to be a bit daring.

Have I mentioned they serve beer?

Freebird. It's not just something hollered by the drunk guy doing karaoke at the local bar anymore.

Their burritos come in four sizes: Hybrid, Freebird, Monster, and Super Monster. A Freebird can be eaten in one meal if you try. A Monster guarantees leftovers. A Super Monster? That thing will feed half of the Junior Varsity football team.

Look at it. Tell me that this meal is not glorious. I dare you.

I'm drooling looking at the picture. No really. I am. This food is like ambrosia of the gods in burrito form.

Freebirds is not only popular for their fantastic burritos. They are also known for their tin foil art. Yes, you heard correctly. Tin foil art. Every burrito is wrapped in foil and the more artistic and cultured patrons use it as a medium to sculpt their imaginative creations.

Mind you, they don't always look like sculptured art.

But darn it, they are so tacky that it's cute.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that we rose to the occasion and welcomed the tin foil sculpting muses with open arms. Although I must admit our attempts weren't as cultured or aesthetic as those on display. But our artistic genius would not be stifled.

See? Artistic genius at work.

Katy refused to join us in our exploration of artistic discovery. Party pooper.

Pardon et moi monsieur. I mustache you a question.

Katy. Giving us look of complete un-amusement.

That's okay. Because I'm a pirate. Arrr. Swash swash buckle buckle.

But don't tell anyone.

Watch it, Icarus.



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