Gobble gobble!

Posted on | Thursday, November 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

We went. We talked. We ate food.

It was glorious.

Alex said he had never really gone to a huge gathering for the holidays and it was nice to be surrounded by so many people who were all in high spirits. Being an only child myself I haven't experienced huge Thanksgiving dinners except for a handful of times. It definitely made the day that much more enjoyable, even if I ate waaaaay too much food.

The trip to the house was also rather eventful.

On our way to Thanksgiving dinner we happened upon a telephone booth. In all fairness it was Alex who spotted it. Regardless, it was a phone booth. A phone booth! Out in the middle of no where. My first thought was "It's a dilapidated Tardis! Where's the Doctor??" Alex's? "Huh. Bill and Ted must've been here. Nah, they'd need a flux capacitator for adequate time travel these days."
It was a sad, sad phone booth. It even had a rotary dial. I wanted to see if it still worked but the doors had partly rusted shut. One of life's unanswered mysteries.
Photographic evidence of us witnessing the Tardis-Bill-and-Ted's-Most-Excellent-Flux-Capacitator. Please ignore my goof face. My excuse for such an expression is that it was ridiculously cold outside and I was hungry enough to eat my left arm.
We also came across this sign on our way to the house of Thanksgiving. I yelled at Alex to back up the car so I could run outside and take a picture. There were ominous cows nearby giving me the death glare.
Yay people! Mostly pseudo/surrogate family. (Back story: My Grandma is close friends with their Mom/Nana and our families have been likethis since the late sixties when they met in California. Everyone in this picture has known me since I was in diapers.)

Face skwish!! This might be Kael's new favorite past time.

Food is aaaaaalmost done! Alex nearly melted into the floor when he tried their smoked (roasted? grilled?) ham. There is definitely a technique needed to cook for a massive throng of people who are on the verge on cannibalism. It's a science, people.
And not much left of it afterward either!
Did I mention the pie? Because there was pie. And cupcakes. And pastries. Oh dear sweet Moses. And all of us were so stuffed with turkey and ham we could hardly eat any of it. Greek tragedy, I tell you.
Okay. Maybe just one cupcake. I want the recipe for this icing. SOMEONE GIVE ME THE RECIPE FOR THIS ICING!
Kael passed out in record time and was none too pleased when we woke him to head home. Thanksgiving can take a lot out of a hyperactive four year old.
I still don't fully comprehend the intensity some feel for the sport of football. I was in the minority as most everyone sat transfixed to the Cowboys/Saints game. I cannot count the number of times I heard "WHO DAT??" Although my nearest guess would be twenty-seven. Just a ballpark number.
Other babies! Who actually still qualify as babies. It astounds me! Look how little he is! When did Kael stop being this little?!? Can I shrink him back? Does shrink wrap un-grow tall preschoolers?

We had this taken (by my Mom who thought the on/off button took pictures -- Love you, Mom!) just as we were heading out the door. Whoops. I'm allowed to have an off day where I forget to get out from behind the camera. Right?


2 Responses to “Gobble gobble!”

  1. --Sharon
    November 25, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    Alex has a very sad memory. When we lived in Michigan we went to a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the family of a friend of mine. They had nine siblings in that family, so there were always about fifty people at the gathering. The dinners that we hosted in Michigan always had eight or nine people. I guess that's not HUGE, but it's not tiny, either. Sheesh!

  2. --Sharon
    November 25, 2010 at 9:25 PM

    Oh -- we attended that mega-dinner twice (ask him if he remembers the time that I cried all the way home because my tooth was KILLING me -- I'll bet he remembers that!).


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