Pwning the Pad Thai

Posted on | Friday, November 5, 2010 | No Comments

I've been sicker than a dog for the past few days. Up until about twelve hours ago my stomach had continually attempted to secede from the rest of my body with such a fiery wrath that I almost let it. Almost. But my stubbornness to keep all my organs won out. I still feel rather nasty and wobbly on the insides but it's getting better, thankfully. I'm finally eating more than soup and tea.

On Tuesday before I became horribly ill I met up with Katy and we made some incredible food. Some of you may remember the wretched greasy atrocity that tried to pass itself off as Thai last month. We mourned our loss of potentially delicious pad thai and curry. So, being the creative girls we are, we decided to made some ourselves. It was fantastic!! We were inspired by the recipe from Rachael Ray for the main course (although we ended up using only shrimp and nixing the chicken) and the vegetable curry was kind of a spur of the moment recipe from what we found in the fridge. This is the closest thing I could find for anyone who wants a recipe.


De-legging the shrimp. It was a messy job. Perhaps Mike Rowe would be interested.

The makings of pad thai sauce. It still boggles my mind that th secret ingredient it peanut butter. Peanut butter! And that the sauce only requires about four ingredients is very impressive. It's so simple! I love when recipes are simple.

Doesn't that look super delicious? Mhm. That's because it was.

Ginger and garlic turning into caramelized aromatic delectableness. Is delectableness a word? I think it's a word. Or at least that it should be. Someone contact Merriam-Webster!

Katy loves me. Truly. She loves me so much that when she sliced up all these colorful veggies they were purposefully made into this beautiful arrangement for the sole reason that she knew I would want a picture.

Domestic goddess in training? Why yes, I think so.

And now, two pans! We've got to make the curry too, you know. Have I mentioned ever that I love how when a person makes vegetable curry they can toss just about any vegetable on hand into the skillet? Useful to know when your bell peppers are about to go bad.

Time to eat! It quickly became a family affair.

Doesn't that look just incredible? Why can't restaurants make food this good?!

It shouldn't surprise anyone, there were no leftovers.



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