I fangirled so hard I exploded into glitter and galleons

Posted on | Monday, November 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

Today Alex and I went to see Harry Potter. I fully admit to squeeing like an under-age fangirl hyped up on redbull and chocolate. I even got a wand. And practiced Wingardium Leviosa (remember, swish and flick!) while waiting for the movie to start.

Yes, I am serious.

I also had to explain what was happening in the film every fifteen minutes to Alex. READ THE BOOKS YOU SILLY MAN!

It was absolutely fabulous. I want to curl up and read the series all over again.

See! They had wands! And the best part? All the money goes toward the Miracle Network and Make a Wish Foundation. Buy something nifty while doing a good deed? Double awesome!

We went to the Warren, which is the most awesome, epic movie theater I have ever ever seen. Ever. They have a diner inside the theater and a 21-and-up mezzanine that leads to a private balcony, reservation only. Now don't get me wrong, the normal theater experience there is great -- good service, and definitely worth the money. But the Balcony is where the real fun starts. Not only does each patron have access to the full service bar and lounge but also full dining service brought to your seat throughout the show. It is the best thing ever.

They have a special at the diner for the Harry Potter release. I am more than willing to admit that the ridiculousness of 'Hufflepuff Fries' or a 'Ravenclaw Licorice Wand' still has child-like appeal, but replacing Pumpkin Juice with Dr. Pepper?? C'mon, now. That just ain't right.

Wand wielding Alex in action. Don't make him Levicorpus your butt. He has a beard, he means business.

I'm still secretly waiting for my Hogwarts owl to arrive saying that I've spent the last decade going to the wrong school. And that I have already been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Our appetizer and my 'White Wonka'. All the mixed drinks have cinematic names (to give a few examples: 'The Black Pearl', 'Casablanca' and 'Tony Stark'). I'm fairly certain the White Wonka is some form of a White Russian. Yum.


Honestly this is the first movie since Prisoner of Azkaban that has really stayed true to the storyline of the novel. I know that part of the issue was J.K. Rowling writing up a storm and making a universe that was far bigger than could fit in a 2.5 hour long film. Too much happens too quickly for there to be ample space for plot development. It stinks, but that's the truth of it with most film adaptations of well-written novels.

Hence why I am so pleasantly surprised that they stayed close to the storyline. I won't give any spoilers away -- although if you have read the books you already know all of the spoilers -- but it has made me incredibly impatient for part two. LET IT BE NEXT SUMMER ALREADY!


2 Responses to “I fangirled so hard I exploded into glitter and galleons”

  1. --Sharon
    November 22, 2010 at 9:28 PM

    I have all of the books, in case he would want to read them. I read two (maybe three) to him, but he got older and I hoped he'd want to know what happened in them so bad that he'd read them to himself. No luck. :/

  2. Anne
    November 25, 2010 at 2:14 PM

    Team Ravenclaw FTW!


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