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Five random things about me:

1) During Halloween when I was 12 years old I stopped by a house that wasn't handing out candy. However after much pleading they gave me a pomegranate instead. The next day I spent an hour de-seeding and eating my treat. I have been hooked ever since. In fact there are four pomegranates sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be devoured. I don't like pomegranate juice though, oddly enough.

2) I have never learned how to whistle. I have made numerous attempts to learn, but I can never master the technique.

3) My feet are horribly unlucky. I have stepped on numerous nails, ripped off toenails, broken toes, had a binder rip through my foot, gotten frostbite in both feet, fractured my right ankle in a rogue pizza incident, torn the ligaments in my left ankle, ripped the cartilage in both my my big toes, and have had more surgeries on both feet than I care to count. I'm impressed they haven't fallen off in protest of such poor treatment.

4) I don't have any wisdom teeth. Apparently I am one of those lucky devils who was born without them. Good thing too, I've already had two molars removed because my jaw is too small. (Addendum: I have discovered Alex lacks in the wisdom tooth department as well. FURTHER EVIDENCE THAT WE ARE SUPER SOUL MATES.)

5) Whenever I see a semi truck driving on the interstate I instantly think of Optimus Prime. Doubly so if its red or purple.


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  1. Fully Lugged
    December 4, 2010 at 7:29 PM

    I'm in the lacking wisdom - teeth - club too.


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